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Comic no. 456
Date published 23 May 2007
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Redcloak and the High Priest of Azure City have an epic cleric's duel.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Redcloak and the General ride into the Azure City castle inner bailey on the Fiendish Mammoth followed by a platoon of hobgoblin footsoldiers. They are met with a group of priests.
Redcloak: Have the troops spread out through the courtyard, I want the palace surrounded.
Redcloak: I'll handle these guys.

Panel 2

Redcloak dismounts and dismisses the Fiendish Mammoth, causing the General to be left mid-air.
High Priest: HALT! I am the high priest of the Twelve Gods!
Redcloak: Yeah? Well I'm the high priest of the Dark One, so you can kiss my green ass, human.

Panel 3

High Priest: I propose that we let the titanic magic of our respective deities determine this contest.
High Priest: Let us duel cleric against cleric until only one of us lives.
The General hits the ground off-panel,"Whumph!"

Panel 4

Redcloak: Earlier today, I would have told you to get bent, since my side is already winning and I have nothing to gain and everything to lose.
Redcloak: However, dueling will save the lives of any hobgoblins your spells would have killed. So I guess you've got yourself a deal.

Panel 5


Panel 6

High Priest: Blindness!
Redcloak: Made my saving throw.

Panel 7

Redcloak: Poison!
High Priest: Made my saving throw.

Panel 8

High Priest: Bestow Curse!
Redcloak: Made my saving throw.

Panel 9

Redcloak: Slay Living!
High Priest: Made my saving throw.

Panel 10

High Priest: Hold Monster!
Redcloak: Wait, you get that spell?
High Priest: Law domain.
Redcloak: Nice.
Redcloak: Oh, and made my saving throw.

Panel 11

Redcloak: Plane Shift!
High Priest: Made my saving throw.

Panel 12

High Priest: Plane Shift!
Redcloak: Made my saving throw.
Redcloak: (Copycat.)

Panel 13

Redcloak: Destruction!
High Priest: ...
High Priest: Does a 21 save?
Redcloak: No.
High Priest: Crap.

Panel 14

High Priest is reduced to ashes, "ZOT!"

Panel 15

General: Truly, there has never been a more spectacular display of magic in the annals of warfare.
Redcloak looks disappointed
Redcloak: Yeah, we really blew the special effects budget on that one.
Redcloak: Watch it, I think you stepped in cleric.

D&D Context Edit

  • Blindness is a 3rd level spell for clerics which causes permanent blindness, unless the target makes a Fortitude saving throw.
  • Poison is a 4th level spell for clerics and causes 1d10 points of Constitution damage two turns in a row, each of which is negated by a Fortitude saving throw. The High Priest did not explicitly make his second saving throw against this spell.
  • Bestow Curse is a 3rd level cleric spell which causes one of three curses to take effect. It is negated by a successful Will saving throw.
  • Slay Living is a 5th level cleric spell which causes instant death unless the target makes a Fortitude saving throw. Even with his successful saving throw, the High Priest would have taken 3d6+1 point/level damage, though he does not appear to be injured in the strip.
  • Hold Monster is a 6th level spell for Clerics in the Law Domain. It causes paralysis for 1 round/level unless the target makes a successful Will save.
  • Plane Shift is a 5th level cleric spell which moves the subject to another plane of existence; thus the spell is an attempt to banish the opponent, not hurt them. An unwilling subject can negate the effects with a Will save.
  • Destruction is a 7th level cleric spell that instantly kills the subject and consumes its remains unless a Fortitude save is made. Even with a successful save, the subject takes 10d6 damage. Creatures killed by Destruction can only be brought back with True Resurrection. Raise Dead or Resurrection will not suffice.

Trivia Edit

  • In #486, his spirit having gone to the Celestial Realms, the High Priest looks at his character sheet and learns he actually got a 22, and should have made that saving throw.
  • This is the final appearance of the Hobgoblin General. He first appeared at the beginning of the Battle of Azure City in #423.
  • This is the final appearance of the Fiendish Mammoth, which was summoned with an Extended Summon Monster VII spell. Presumably it would have only lasted 2 strips without Redcloak's Extend Spell Feat. It first appeared in #451.

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