Sara Greenhilt
Sara Greenhilt
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Eugene Greenhilt† (husband)
Roy Greenhilt (son)
Eric Greenhilt† (son)
Julia Greenhilt (daughter)
Horace Greenhilt† (father-in-law)



Sara Greenhilt was the mother of Roy, Eric and Julia Greenhilt, and the wife of Eugene Greenhilt. She appears to have died three years before the formation of the Order of the Stick, while Roy was still at Bash University.

Sara is implied to have been fun-loving (in the adult sense of the word) in her youth. She and Eugene met while drunk at a bar (though they'd later claim to their children to have met in a library) and spent the night together. She later notes that while Eugene was focussed on her they had a happy life, though he inevitably got bored and was "stuck with her" because of their children. In contrast to her husband, she seems to have been an attentive parent, entertaining Roy with stories of his grandfather's exploits. She was unfortunately not attentive enough to prevent the death of young Eric, who was killed in a magical accident. Eventually Julia was born, and was subsequently pampered by both Sara and Eugene. In her twilight years she had "a grey bun hairdo and osteoporosis".

In death Sara appears as a 19-year-old, and spends her afterlife having flings and tending to Eric. Although  Eugene once mentioned her wanting Roy to study magic, this is inconsistant with her role in the strip; she's shown to be proud of her son, though eager for grandchildren.

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