The Sapphire Guard
Sapphire Guard
"And Soon, he believed more than anything in the power of honor, truth, and loyalty. He returned to Azure City and selected the noblest samurai to join him as his paladins."


Lord Hinjo


Protection of Azure City and Soon's Gate.



The Sapphire Guard is an order of paladins and other servants of good founded by the paladin Soon Kim in Azure City.

The title held by the leader of the Sapphire Guard is Sapphire Commander. In addition to their role as leader of the Sapphire Guard, the Sapphire Commander also holds the position of Lord of Azure City ever since Soon Kim transferred power to Lord Ronjo.[1]


After the Order of the Scribble dissolved, Soon Kim traveled south, sealed one of the rifts with a sapphire and created the Sapphire Guard to protect it. All of the members in the Sapphire Guard have taken an oath not to disturb the other gates.

The name Sapphire Guard was chosen due to the gem that the rift was sealed in, the sapphire found on the throne of the monarch of Azure City, and it ensured that it was assumed that the throne room was protected in order to keep the monarch safe; it was also to prevent any attempts to tamper with the sealed rift.

In the following years, the Guard attempted to purge and exterminate all forces who would threaten the gate and Azure City, including one of the Bearers of the Crimson Mantle. In the process, the Guard purged all mention of the gates and the rifts from libraries.

Before the Battle of Azure City, Miko Miyazaki kills Shojo, believing that him and the Order of the Stick is in league with Xykon, causing her to become a fallen paladin by the gods.

During the Battle of Azure City, the majority of the paladins defend the throne room from Xykon. However, Xykon kills most of them with a Symbol of Insanity, causing them to kill each other and themselves. O-Chul is the sole survivor, being paralyzed by Xykon before he could destroy the Gate. However, the Guard comes back as oathspirits, with Soon leading them. They almost manage to kill them, but Miko, who has escaped, comes in the throne room and seeing the paralyzed O-Chul, she used his sword to destroy the Gate. The explosion bisects and kills Miko, but O-Chul survives it.

Ho Thanh was not present for the Battle of Azure City due to being on a diplomatic mission to Nowhere at the time, unknowingly saving the king's life because of his presence. He lead the Azurite Resistance after Haley Starshine, but was killed by Redcloak when he destroyed the resistance.

List of Named Sapphire GuardsmenEdit

Name Post Status Cause of Death/Current Status
Hinjo Sapphire Commander

Lord of Azure City

Alive Building a settlement with the remaining Azurites.
Ronjo Sapphire Commander

Lord of Azure City

Deceased Unknown, most likely from age.
Shojo Sapphire Commander

Lord of Azure City

Deceased Murdered by fellow paladin Miko Miyazaki.
Soon Kim Sapphire Commander; founder Deceased Unknown, most likely from age.
Ho Thanh Sapphire Guardsman

Leader of the Unified Azurite Resistance

Deceased Crushed by a Osmium Elemental under Redcloak's orders.
Jiaya Sapphire Guardsman Deceased Killed by one of her fellow paladins by a wakizashi through her eye during Xykon's Symbol of Insanity spell in the throne room.
Lien Sapphire Guardsman Alive Observing the movements of Team Evil on Kraagor's Gate with O-Chul.
Miko Miyazaki Sapphire Guardsman Deceased Bisected from the explosion from destroying Soon's Gate.
O-Chul Sapphire Guardsman Alive Observing the movements of Team Evil on Kraagor's Gate with Lien.
Yunji Sapphire Guardsman Deceased Killed during Xykon's attack in the throne room.


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