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Samantha's father was at various times the bandit leader of the Bandit Clan of Wooden Forest. He used to steal from the rich and give to the poor. He also had a rule that anyone who would defeat him in combat would take his place, something that his sorcerer daughter Samantha did when 18 years old.

He led a raid which captured Elan and then captured the Order of the Stick (except Roy and Durkon) when they tried to rescue Elan. Haley persuaded him that he could not kill them with a decent profit taking account of their levels, so he guided them to talk with Samantha. Eventually Haley challenged Samantha but was quickly defeated (off-panel) and everyone was found tied awaiting execution.

Soon after Roy Greenhilt changed his mind and arrived to save them. A battle erupted between the bandits and the Order but Samantha emerged victorious, although with few HP and no spells left. Thus she was an easy opponent for her father who reclaimed the leadership with only one punch and ordered his men to tie up the OotS and leave them in the forest.

Then they found Durkon tied and gagged who was frightened by the trees. As soon as they untid him, he tried to "save" the leader from a tree behind him; with Thor's Lightning he hit the tree which then fell on his head. The feat accidentally "defeated" Samantha's father in combat, making Durkon the new leader of the clan.

As the leader, Durkon disbanded the clan and father and daughter were left tied to each other in the middle of the Wooden Forest. They were freed by Miko Miyazaki who rescued them in exchange for their help in finding The Order. Samantha cast Hold Person on her in order to convince her to join them as a minion. Miko denied and killed them both.

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