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20px-Cquote1.png ...Sorry, I kind of got distracted after you said the word 'three-way'. 20px-Cquote2.png
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Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission

Sabine is the consort of Nale and a member of the Linear Guild, as well as Haley Starshine's opposite.

This is for Nale. I can't imagine anything he'd find more of a turn on than the sight of me wringing the life out of you while I wore a sexy schoolgirl costume.
  — Sabine, Comic 349, "Every Couple Has Their Quirks"  

When the Linear Guild betrayed the Order of the Stick in order to claim the Talisman of Dorukan, Sabine flew Nale to safety until Haley Starshine shattered the Talisman. At this point she attacked Haley, confident in her Damage Reduction to prevent any damage, but Haley's use of Manyshot combined with an arrow of Cold Iron and an arrow of Silver caused her to flee.

She next appeared to break Nale and Thog out of jail. She disguised herself as a Dwarf Blacksmith and sent Roy Greenhilt and the rest of The Order on a quest to retrieve Starmetal from Wooden Forest (at that point she and Nale didn't believe the Starmetal was real, or that the Order would survive). Afterwards the 3 surviving members of the Guild travelled to Cliffport to hire new members (Pompey, Yokyok and Leeky Windstaff) and stage an ambush for the Order by kidnapping Julia Greenhilt. Although seemingly jealous when she caught Nale with Haley, she revealed to him that she was in fact angry that he was going to kill Haley, having planned to kill her herself. She also admitted that she wouldn't have cared if he had been trying to seduce Haley, due to being an embodiment of illicit sex.

While Sabine is loyal to Nale, her true allegance is to Director Lee of the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission. She has been acting as his agent on the Mortal Plane, keeping him informed of any events or details which may advance the IFCC's goals (tipping the cosmic balance between Good and Evil in Evil's favor), for which she is eligible for a 10% finder's fee.

Demon or Devil?Edit

There is confusion regarding whether Sabine is a demon (succubus), or devil (erinyes). Most suspect that she is a succubus, for the following reasons;

  • She energy-drains Durkon Thundershield in Inevitable Betrayal? Check; the Succubus has that ability, and the Erinyes does not.
  • She fights with her claws; an Erinyes would fight with a flaming sword.
  • Her wings are bat-like, rather than bird-like.
  • She isn't fanatically loyal to Nale as a love interest (she doesn't get hung up on who either of them sleep with)
  • Her bosses identify her as a succubus in Comic 637, "It Only Shows Reality Programming".

The matter is settled, as Rich states in 'War and XPs' that she is a Succubus, which makes her a demon (according to 3rd edition D&D rules), and she was also stated to be a demon on Nale's wanted poster. Malack later calls her a devil in Windy Canyon, to which she immediately takes offense.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the fact that Sabine is a succubus, she has various dark abilities. Sabine is capable of shapeshifting, level draining her enemies, and flight. She also has super strength, as she is capable of impaling a guard with her bare hands, and is capable of lifting both Elan and Nale effortlessly. She is also impervious to most attacks.

Due to the fact that she is a demon however, she is vulnerable to cold iron. Haley is unable to tell whether she is a demon or a devil, so she uses silver and cold iron against her simutaneously.

It is unclear if a Succubus in the Order of the Stick universe has all the powers a D&D succubus would have; in particular, she has never exhibited any of the usual at-will succubus spell-like abilities (particularly not detect thoughts, ethereal jaunt, suggestion, or greater teleport), and appears to have a once-per-day Plane Shift instead.

Strips where Sabine has speechEdit

The Dungeon: #46, #49, #53, #54, #56, #57, #62, #120

Small Village: #134 (Disguised as a Dwarven blacksmith), #142

Wizarding Academy: #252, #254, #255, #256, #257, #258

Cliffport Werehouse: #343, #349, #355, #364 (Disguised as a CPPD officer), #365,

'Azure City:' #380, #385, #386, #393, #394, #398,

Prison Tower: #419, #458


  1. Comic 849, "Suspicious Agreement"

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