Roy's Angels
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 239
Date published 31 October 2005
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"You Try Rhyming 'Assassin'" "Next on Fox: When Whores Attack!"
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The assassins' escape gets interrupted.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Shadowdancer: Hurry up! Get your gear and let's get out of here, now!
Redaxe: All right, all right.
Shadowdancer: I can't believe the king escaped. There was no trace of that secret door!

Panel 2

Shadowdancer: We figured we'd have days before word of the king's death reached Nowhere.
Shadowdancer: If he manages to alert his court, we could have a half dozen high-level wizards on our ass by dawn!

Panel 3

Shadowdancer: Come on! Let's go, go, GO! I'll climb out the window, grab out mounts and meet you outside.
Redaxe: I cannae go any faster, lad, these explosives be delicate.

Panel 4

Roy knocks on the door, "knock! knock! knock!"
Redaxe: If'n yer in such a blasted hurry, why can't ye help me carry tha damn stuff?
Redaxe: Hmmm? Wonder who tha be.

Panel 5

The dwarf stands on the barrel of T.N.T to look through the peephole in the door.

Panel 6

Roy: Umm, hi, I was, uh, coming to see you?

Panel 7

Redaxe: Aww, sugar, I'm gonna haf ta cancel. We're kinda in a hurry ta leave here now.
Roy: I brought two friends.

Panel 8

Redaxe: Well, maybe...
Shadowdancer: Have you taken leave of your senses??
Redaxe: Relax, it's just a buncha hookers.

Panel 9

Shadowdancer: Oh, not this again. This is just like when we were there to kill the high priest, and you spent the whole mission with the Vestal Virgins.
Redaxe: Heh, they needed a new name for 'em afterwards.

Panel 10

Shadowdancer: Whatever, I can't deal with this right now.
Redaxe: Hey, it's not my fault I'm so devilishly charming.
Shadowdancer: If you're not downstairs by the time I've got the horses, I'm leaving without you. And I mean it this time.

Panel 11

Redaxe: C'mon in, girls, though we're gonna have ta make this quick.
Redaxe: Time ta get me some booty.

Panel 12

The heroes kick in the door, "WHAM!"

Panel 13

The three women(ish) members of the party stand silhouetted in the door.
Redaxe: Did I say "get me some booty"? I meant ta say, "respect yer thoughts an' opinions as fellow humanoids".

Trivia Edit

  • Roy, Haley, and Vaarsuvius are posing like the title card from the 1976 TV series, Charlie's Angels in the final panel. This is also referenced in the title of the comic.
  • The Vestal Virgins were priestesses of Vestal, goddess of the hearth, in ancient Rome. As many as six virgins were consecrated from before puberty and remained celibate for 30 years, during which time they would tend the sacred fire and guard the Palladium. They were a powerful force in the affairs of the city.

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