Roll Over
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 359
Date published 11 October 2006
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"A Taste of Victory" "Hail to the Chief"
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The Order finish off Leeky Windstaff.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy, V, Belkar and Haley stand in the street near Leeky. Belkar holds a bowl of tortilla chips crafted out of Yokyok's head.
Roy: We need to finish this now. Elan might be in trouble.
Vaarsuvius: Undoubtedly.
Belkar: What? You don't actually think I'd eat this crap, do you? It's just for squicking Roy out.
Belkar: Do me a favor, don't say anything about it.

Panel 2

Leeky: You dare to think you could defeat me? Then feel the raw anger of nature... feel the fury of—
Leeky attacks Roy, Vaarsuvius, Belkar and Durkon with a Fire Storm spell. Haley evades.

Panel 3

Firestorm, Green Lantern and Batman play cards in a room somewhere.
Firestorm: There it is again!
Green Lantern: You're just being paranoid, no one is talking about you.
Batman: Relax, old chum.

Panel 4

Leeky: Hea—
He is hit by one of Haley's arrows, "twang!", causing his spell to fizzle, "fizzle!"
Leeky: Blast!
Vaarsuvius: Dispel Magic!
Kitty is targeted by V's spell, removing his protection spells.

Panel 5

In one sword manoevre, Roy cuts the bird in half and injures Leeky, "schlerkt!"
Leeky: AARRGH!

Panel 6

Durkon smacks Leeky, sending him flying past Belkar, "WHAP!"

Panel 7

Leeky: You subterannean swine, I shall—
Durkon: Stay!

Panel 8

Durkon: Sit!
Leeky: Do not speak to me—
Durkon: Sit.

Panel 9

Leeky sits.
Durkon: Good boy.

D&D Context Edit

  • Fire Storm is a 7th level druid spell which causes 1d6/level fire damage in two areas of effect.
  • Dispel Magic is a 3rd level wizard spell that cancels a variety of magical effects. In this case it was used to remove Kitty's magical protections from physical attack.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of Yokyok, Yikyik's son. He first appeared in #348.
  • This is the final appearance of Kitty, Leeky's hawk animal companion. He first appeared in #346.
  • Belkar was seen using the kobold's head as a bowl full of chips and his tail in the salsa in the last comic, A Taste of Victory.
  • This comic features cameos from DC Comic heroes Firestorm, Green Lantern and Batman. Firestorm's line refers to the fact that he shares his name with a popular D&D spell.

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