An item worn by Xykon, it was claimed by The Order of the Stick after they defeated him in The Dungeon of Dorukan. Vaarsuvius chose the item as their treasure. A Ring of Wizardry increases the number of spells of certain levels that the wearer can cast. Which levels this particular ring affects is unknown, although Vaarsuvius has cast at least eleven third-level spells in one day with a normal allotment of five in Don't Make Me Turn This Quest Around, in which Belkar Bitterleaf complains that Vaarusvius set off 11 explosive runes and a fire trap on him. This could be because of a Ring of Wizardry III, or it could be story-based and unrelated to the magic item. (V could have enscribed some the night before, then scribed more after regaining spells. They could also have filled up spell slots higher than level three with explosive runes spells.)

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