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Goodbye... Redcloak.
  — Right-Eye's final insult. (Start of Darkness)  
Right Eye 2
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Start of Darkness

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Start of Darkness

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Brown goatee (young)
Gray (old)

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Team Evil (formerly)




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Xykon (formerly)



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Right-Eye was a goblin who was Redcloak's younger brother. Right-Eye's only appearance so far was in the Order of the Stick prequel book Start of Darkness, though he is occasionally mentioned by the members of Team Evil.

Biography Edit

Start of Darkness Edit

He lost his left eye when a paladin of the Sapphire Guard took it out with his katana. This was not his real name, but the one he gave to Xykon after seeing him kill a lizard man willing to be a follower because his name was too long.

Redcloak was working with Xykon in a plan to control the gates created by Dorukan, Soon, Lirian, Girard Draketooth and Serini Toormuck to conceal the God eating monster, the Snarl. Right-Eye disliked Xykon and abandoned his brother and the lich and had three children; Eriaxnikol "Eri", Ridiziak "Ridi" and his unnamed daughter, with his new wife, Aliyara. He and his family befriended the Monster In The Darkness who was an act in a circus. Redcloak arrived in the village many years after Right-Eye because Xykon had disappeared for an unknown reason. Just as Redcloak decided to stay, Xykon arrived, rehiring the two goblins and hiring the Monster In The Darkness.

Another decade or so later, Xykon is trying to lure Dorukan out of his castle so he can take the gate. Right-Eye decides to kill him, his motive being that Xykon has let his family die (except for his daughter, who somehow got smuggled away, to be raised by humans or worse) and killed hundreds of goblins for fun. Just as Right-Eye is about to strike at him as he is engaged in battle with Dorukan, Redcloak decides that more goblins would die if Xykon would die and kills him. Xykon reveals later to Redcloak that he would have been immune to the attack anyway, and that it was a test of Redcloak's loyalty.

Don't Split the Party Edit

Later in a fight with the paladin O-Chul and Vaarsuvius, Redcloak loses his right eye, making him look similar to his dead brother. Xykon blames Redcloak for keeping O-Chul alive to that point, and forbids him to heal the injury. Redcloak is well aware of the similarities and Xykon tells Tsukiko to use that to mess with him if he protested too much or got too annoying. (Calling him "Wrong-Eye") Redcloak also tends to talk to his deceased brother, as seen right before addressing the Goblins when he states "It will all be worth it, you'll see..." to his (reversed, of course) reflection in a mirror.


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