"Spoiler alert: They failed."
This article contains spoilers from Start of Darkness and/or On the Origin of PCs

Ridiziak was a goblin who was eldest son of Right-Eye and nephew of Redcloak. He had two siblings, brother Eriaxinol and another sister. His mother was named Aliyara. He had a typical 'teenage attitude' toward his father, and tried to spite him by saying he wanted to become a wizard. Right-Eye refused, most probably because of his history with the lich Xykon.

When Redcloak came to the village Right-Eye and his family were living in, he first met the Monster in the Darkness. Still thinking of continuing with 'The Plan', Redcloak attempted to free it from the circus so he could work for him. Aspiring to Redcloak, Ridiziak followed him and a dramatic escape from ninja clowns, flying poodles and a bear on a unicycle ensued. The trio got out unscathed thanks to help from Right-Eye and Redcloak made the decision to settle down in the village.

Very soon after the escape from the circus, Xykon took over the village after a three year absence. All its inhabitants were forced to evacuate and work for Xykon. Ridiziak did become a wizard, but was killed a few years on by adventurers along with his brother and mother. Xykon had an opportunity to save the family, but instead watched and laughed at their deaths. This was the final straw that prompted Right-Eye's attempted assassination of the sorcerer.

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