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Revenge is Best Served Really Cold

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Revenge is Best Served Really Cold
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 110
Date published 11 October 2004
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"Tensions Rise" "Inukchuk!"
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Xykon is just a bit too heartless for his own good.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Xykon: Damn it!
Xykon: Hey, you're not going anywhere. If you can't open my gate for me, you can suck on a Symbol of Pain instead.
Haley: Arrrgh!
Roy: You shouldn't be worrying about them, you bony piece of crap. Worry about me!

Panel 2

Xykon: Yeah? And who the hell are you, Sword Boy?
Roy: I am your worst nightmare! I am the personification of all of your evil deeds come back to haunt you!
Roy: My name is Roy Greenhilt!

Panel 3


Panel 4

Xykon: I'm sorry?
Roy: Greenhilt. That's my last name.
Xykon: No, I get that. It's just... huh?

Panel 5

Roy: My dad was Eugene Greenhilt.
Xykon: Who?
Roy: Eugene Greenhilt. Wizard. Dark skin, beard, wore green robes?
Xykon: I got nothing.

Panel 6

Roy: You killed his master in front of him??
Xykon: Oh, please, do you have any idea how many people I've killed in front of their loved ones? Could you narrow it down?

Panel 7

Roy: Grrrr. His master's name was Fyron. He was a wizard who lived in Cliffport. You needed some sort of magical doodad he owned, so you killed him and his son in cold blood.

Panel 8

Xykon: Hmmm... more specific.
Monster in the Darkness: You killed more than one guy named Fyron in Cliffport?
Xykon: Five, actually.

Panel 9

Roy: Gah! It was forty years ago!
Xykon: More specific.
Roy: In the Spring?
Xykon: More specific.
Roy: On a Wednesday?

Panel 10

Xykon: Oh! Right! Now I remember.
Xykon: Because it was Laundry Night, and I had trouble getting the blood out of my robes.
Roy: Oh, that is IT!!

D&D Context Edit

  • Symbol of Pain is a 5th-level Sorcerer spell that affects creatures in an area with pain that reduces their chance to hit and other dice rolls.

Trivia Edit

  • Blood stains are best treated by soaking in cold water, hence the title of the strip in relation to the last panel.
  • This is the setup of the running gag where Xykon doesn't remember who Roy is.

External Links Edit

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