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Comic no. 496
Date published 18 Oct 2007
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"(Eu)gene Therapy" "The Grand Fighter"
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Roy is reunited with his little brother who died when he was a boy.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Sara Greenhilt: I made up the spare bedroom for you. I know you don't need to sleep, but just in case you want, you know, lady friends to come over.
Roy: Mom!
Sara: What? I'm just saying!

Panel 2

Roy: I doubt I'll be here long enough for that to be an issue anyway.
Sara: Oh, just lik eyour father, always dying and coming back when it's convenient for you. You should think about how that affects the rest of us.

Panel 3

Sara: Well, before you leave, you should visit the third room on the left.
Roy: Why? What's in there?
Sara: Not what. Who. Someone you haven't seen since you were just a boy.

Panel 4

Roy: He's—he's here???
Sara: Yes. Has been for 18 years, apparently.
Roy: I have to— I need—
Sara: Go.

Panel 5

Roy's Archon: I don't understand. I wasn't briefed on any—
Roy: Stay here!
Roy's Archon: But I'm supposed to—
Roy: STAY!

Panel 6

Roy: Oh my gods— It really is you! I didn't—I didn't know if you'd be here.
Roy: We tried so hard to bring you back. I guess it was so nice here, it never occurred to you to come when we called.

Panel 7

Roy: I'm sorry, you know. I mean, I know it wasn't my fault.
Roy: I know that.
Roy: I was just a kid. It wasn't my job to watch the grown-up.

Panel 8

Roy: But... I still should have done something. I knew it wasn't safe.
Roy: Dad just shushed me. He never listened to me at all when Mom wasn't around.
Roy: He was so... arrogant. Not that I knew what the word meant back then.

Panel 9

Roy: You didn't miss much after the accident. A lot of crying and yelling. A few failed attempts at resurrection. A baby sister, two years later.
Roy: Who got spoiled rotten, incidentally.

Panel 10

Roy: Sometimes, I wonder what class you would have taken. Probably bard... you loved that toy piano Uncle Myrtok got you.

Panel 11

Roy: ...
Roy: It's good to see you, little brother.
Eric Greenhilt: hi roy!

Panel 12

Eric: wanna play blocks with me?
Roy (crying): More than anything.

D&D Context Edit

  • PCs can be brought back from the dead by as low as a 5th level Raise Dead spell, so high level PCs come to expect resurrection in short order.

Trivia Edit

  • This is not the first appearance of Eric Greenhilt. He appeared previously #113, Memories, Like the Edges of My Sword, though his tragic history was not yet explained, and he could easily have been mistaken for Julia Greenhilt. However Roy is too young in that strip for the child to be Julia, based on her given age.

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