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Comic no. 521
Date published 12 January 2008
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"The Power of Immediate Gratification" "We're Doomed If She Finds the Map Key"
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As Haley and Belkar get a handle on Tsukiko and Black Squadron, Belkar has second thoughts about his career decision.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Belkar: Look on the bright side: At least you don't owe me 20 gp anymore.
Belkar kills the undead Isamu with a dagger.
Belkar: I mean, unless someone raises you, then you better pay up, or we'll be right back to me stabbing you.

Panel 2

Haley: Listen, Belkar, I'm still proud of you for picking our side. Especially since Xykon probably is strong enough to have removed the Mark of Justice from you, too.
Haley kills a Second Course Wight with an arrow, "thunk"
Belkar: CRAP! I completely didn't think of that! That totally changes everything!

Panel 3

Belkar: Man, do you think it's too late to change my answer?
Haley: Gee, Belkar, I don't know, let's look and see.

Panel 4

Mr. Scruffy scratches at Tsukiko's face interrupting her spell, "fizzle!"
Tsukiko: Someone get if off me! I can't concentrate on my spells!
Mr. Scruffy: HISS! mmrrRRROW! HISS!
Boot Wight: I'll get it off you, Mistress.
Tsukiko: NO! Someone who 'won't drain a level when they touch me!

Panel 5

Belkar: ...
Belkar: Maybe she's the forgiving type?

Panel 6

Ho Thanh: Coming to help, Mistress.
Haley: Stop worrying about it and get ahead of Thanh for a second, OK?
Balkar: Huh? Why?
Haley: *sigh*
Haley: Just do it, Belkar.
Haley: Sorry, Isamu... I really need to borrow this.
Haley takes a sap from Isamu's corpse.

Panel 7

Belkar: "Just do it, Belkar." I bet Xykon doesn't order his minions around so rudely.
Haley: Thanks for the flank.
Haley saps Thanh, "PLONK!"

Panel 8

Belkar: HEY! You can't go switching sides in the middle of battle!!!
Haley: Why not? You were thinking about it.
Belkar: Exactly! That job offer belongs to me!!!

Panel 9

Belkar: Not to mention that when I did it, it was cutting edge. If you do it, it's just gonna go mainstream, and pretty soon—
Haley: I'm not switching sides. Thanh was Dominated by your prospective employer there, so I knocked him out with the sap.

Panel 10

Belkar: Dominated, huh? I didn't know that Thanh was into that sort of kinky stuff...
Belkar: I mean, the flying chick, sure, obviously. But I never would have thought—
Haley: Not that sort of domination you idiot!!

Panel 11

Haley: Help me carry him. We need to get out of here before Tsukiko regains her concentration—
Haley: —and we need to get him back to HQ before he wakes up.

Panel 12

Belkar: Yeah...
Belkar: So you're absolutely sure the "Join the villains" deal is off the table?
Haley: Belkar!
Belkar: Because I'm willing to negotiate. I'd be satisfied with a regular office.
Haley: BELKAR!!
Belkar: OK, OK, just a cubicle, then.

D&D Context Edit

  • Spell casters need concentration to cast spells, so Mr. Scruffy's attacks, though not very damaging, impede Tsukiko's ability to continue combat.
  • Shojo was a level 14 Aristocrat, so Xykon at level 21+ would have no problem dispelling the Greater Mark of Justice.
  • A Sneak Attack with a sap does Nonlethal Damage, which can render the target unconscious.
  • Belkar confuses domination in Bondage, Domination and submission, and Sadomasochism (BDSM) with the D&D spell, Dominate Person.

Trivia Edit

  • Isamu bought the sap that Haley takes from his corpse to knock out Thanh from a duergar arms dealer in a flashback in #531.
  • This is the final appearance of Second Course Wight. It first appeared in #513.

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