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"Kaboom" Redaxe was one of two assassins who were hired to kill the King of Nowhere, along with his Shadowdancer partner. He is an amorous dwarf (he claims the Vestal Virgins were renamed after his time with them), who is armed with an arquebus and has a penchant for explosives. Their original plan was to assassinate the king before he joined the King of Somewhere at a peace conference at the Weary Travelers Inn and Tavern, and though his partner offered a plan to kill him by going through shadows, Redaxe had to point out that as they were part of a stick comic, there were no shadows.

Mistaking Roy Greenhilt for the king, they attempted to assassinate him. In the royal suite, Redaxe blew in the door while the Shadowdancer came in the window. Unarmed, Roy and Elan hid in a broom closet, where Elan was poisoned by the Shadowdancer's shuriken. They were able to escape when the assassins were easily fooled by the Girdle of Feminity/Masculinity's effects on the fighter paired with Elan's cloak and a mop to disguise Roy as a woman.

Roy returned with Haley and Vaarsuvius, causing the assassins to flee out the window after Redaxe's arquebus was sundered during a short combat. Despite his penchant for demolitions, he is not willing to kill innocent people, and could not resort to destroying the inn while attempting to flee Roy Greenhilt. The inn was still destroyed, though by accident due to Belkar Bitterleaf knocking the dwarf over, accidentally lighting the explosives. After the botched assassination attempt, he and his partner managed to escape using the shadows created by the burning inn.

He and his partner later attempted to assassinate the king in his throne room, but they were scared away at the sight of Sapphire Guardsman Ho Thanh, who unwittingly intimidated them into fleeing while he was on a diplomatic mission to Nowhere.

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