Realm of the Dragon Elder
The Realm of the Dragon
Government Empire
Ruler The White Emperor
Races Humans, Dragons
Religions Southern Pantheon

The Realm of the Dragon is a state in the Southern Lands. They have a port on the Wet Sea. After the Battle of Azure City, the Azurite refugees, lead by Hinjo and with the aid of Elan, sought refuge and aid from this former ally of Azure City. The nation may have taken in refugees or given food aid, but they declined to help the Azurites militarily against the conquering goblinoid army.[1]

The empire is ruled by its titular dragon. The current emperor is the young and bad-tempered White Emperor. He was preceded by the Red Emperor. The various ways the dragon kills people are taken by his ministers to be signs on how to set taxes and spur economic growth.[2]


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  2. Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales

Southern Continent
Azure City Area
Cyan Peninsula (Gobbotopia/Azure City · Cerulean River · Cobalt Bay · Depressed Hills · Gulf Bay · Road Valley · Robinsegg · Valley River) · Blue River · Blueriver Fort · Concave Mountains · Southern Mountains (Perilous Path of Crushing Doom · Tower of Xykon · Gorge Ravine · Hobgoblin City · Hidden Valley) · Sunken Valley (Lickmyorangeballshalfling) · Realm of the Dragon (Peripheral Frontier) · Ghostlands

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