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Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 321
Date published 7 June 2006
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"Bing Crosby's Got Nothing On Us" "Maybe the Quailtiger?"
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The party sets out on their mounts, but Elan knows a narrative continuity error when he sees one.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The whole party rides their mounts.
Roy: Any questions on what this little quest is going to entail?
Elan: I have a question.
Belkar: Me too.
Roy: Belkar.

Panel 2

Belkar: Are there gonna be any monsters??
Belkar: I could really go for killing something, painfully.

Panel 3

Roy: There will be three trials: a Test of the Body, a Test of the Mind, and a Test of the Heart.
Roy: Any or all might have monsters.

Panel 4

Belkar: What, like, "Answer me these questions three?"
Roy: Well probably more original than that, but yes.

Panel 5

Roy: Any other questions?
Elan: Pick me! Me!
Vaarsuvius raises a finger.
Roy: Vaarsuvius?

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius: How difficult should we expect these tasks to ultimately be?
Roy: Tough to say; Durkon and I defeated them on our own, but I'm sure he's changed them by now.

Panel 7

Roy: Any other questions?—
Elan: Ooo! Ooo!
Roy: Anyone at all?

Panel 8

Elan: Me! Me!
Roy: WHAT? What, Elan, what is it? What's your big question?

Panel 9

Elan: Didn't we leave our horses behind at the inn we blew up when Miko captured us?

Panel 10


Panel 11

The whole order (except Durkon) loses their mount as they pop out of existence and drop to the ground: "POP! POP! POP! POP! POP!"

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of the party's mounts, except for Durkon's Pony. Elan's Horse, Vaarsuvius' Horse, and Belkar's Riding Dog first appear in #140, My Little Pony, Whisper first appears in #141, Horse Sense, and Silver first appears in #142.
  • Durkon's Pony remains as Durkon went willingly when Miko captured the Order, the others being dragged to Azure City in chains.
  • Vaarsuvius is missing an arm in panel 10.

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