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Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 997
Date published 10 August 2015
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"Silencing Descent" "Three Sides to Every Story"
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Roy arrives in the Great Nave and learns the subject of the Godsmoot.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: So, we just wait up here until the meeting’s over?
Wrecan: You got it. Look, there’s Veldrina. And there’s your vampire friend.

Panel 2

Roy: Hmmm. I guess that other dwarf went back to manning the door?

Panel 3

High Priestess of Odin: Priests, protectors, and honored guests from our sister pantheons.
High Priestess of Odin: Let us come to order and begin the Godsmoot.

Panel 4

Wrecan: Where did your halfling go? He’s not supposed to wander around without a chaperone.
Roy: I assure you, no one understands that fact more than I do.

Panel 5

High Priestess of Odin: Today, my friends, we have been asked to convene and attest to the wills of our deities on a crucially important—
High Priestess of Odin: —and time sensitive—
High Priestess of Odin: —matter.

Panel 6

Roy: With our luck, Belkar got caught snooping and was kicked out by those stone cleric guys.
Roy: I better go look for him.
Wrecan: You can’t! The meeting’s already begun.

Panel 7

High Priestess of Odin: As a result, we will dispense with ceremony and proceed directly to brief statements by parties on either side of the matter at hand—
High Priestess of Odin: —followed by the vote.

Panel 8

Roy: You’re the one who said they get mad when you break their rules.
Roy: If he’s wandering around the halls, he’s already putting our chances of getting Durkon raised in danger.
Wrecan: Yeah, but at least he seemed pretty stealthy. I think they’ll notice you clomping around right away.

Panel 9

High Priestess of Odin: The statement upon which we shall convey our patron’s Yea or Nay is as follows:
High Priestess of Odin: Whether or not, at the conclusion of this binding referendum, the gods of the three pantheons should immediately thereupon—

Panel 10

Roy: You don’t know Belkar. Trust me, whatever he’s up to will almost certainly make things worse.
Wrecan: I get it; Vel can get the same way, but you can’t—
Roy: I can and will, and there’s nothing anyone can say that will stop from—

Panel 11

High Priestess of Odin: —destroy the world.

Panel 12

Roy and Wrecan are shocked.

Continuity Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This comic confirms that the Godsmoot is directed towards the Northern Pantheon's clerics, with guests from other Pantheons' clergy. A direct statement is made about "the three pantheons", implying that only the main pantheons have voting rights.
  • It is also implied that the Godsmoot is in some sense a reaction to the danger of releasing the Snarl, probably due to events in Comic #945, "Jumbled Up", and the danger of having a sole Gate remaining to contain it.
  • As of the time of the publication of this comic, there was forum speculation that Roy may be about to face the consequences of his destruction of Girard's Gate back in Comics #895, "Plain Sight", and #898, "Let's Get Ready to Rumble". Vaarsuvius attempted to warn Roy against doing that in Comic #896, "Two Paths", but was stopped. Rich Burlew hinted since that the Gate's destruction would have unpleasant consequences for Roy at some future point.
  • There was also speculation that the Northern Gods may turn out to be one of the predicted Nine sides who are major players in the overall plot.

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