Picking Locks
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 752
Date published 18 October 2010
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Haley gets her hair back.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Vaarsuvius: Are you certain they will be capable of eluding their former captors in those mountains?
Haley: Sure. My Azure City resistance was able to operate for months in the—

Panel 2

Beautician: Hello!
Haley: GAH!

Panel 3

Haley readies her bow, V a spell.
Haley: Who are you?
Beautician: I'm—I'm the palace beautician.
Haley: Why are you in my room?
Beautician: General Tarquin sent me. I've been waiting a few hours.

Panel 4

Beautician: He told me that you had been up late drinking, and you might want to freshen up before the parade.
Beautician: After all, you will be sitting next to his son in front of the whole city. He wants to be sure you look your very best.

Panel 5

Haley: Tell him I'm not interested. You probably use, like, dead baby hair gel or something anyway.
Beautician: All of the spa's mundane and magical treatments are cruelty-free.
Haley: Really?
Beautician: Oh, yes. The General's eighth wife had all of the cruelty cut out with a sword and sent elsewhere.

Panel 6

Haley: Look, just because I bought one thing of make-up does not mean that I'm—
Haley: —wait.
Haley: Did you just say magical treatments?

Panel 7

Elan: Haley? Honey, are you here?
Haley (off-panel): Over here, baby.
Elan: Oh man, it was totally awesome. You won't believe how much fun I just squeezed into one—

Panel 8

Elan hesitates when looking at Haley, who lies in her lingerie on her hair—a lot of hair—her breasts only covered by hair.
Haley: Really?
Haley: Does that mean there's no more room for fun today?

Panel 9

Elan releases his three balloons and removes his vest.
Elan: Well, there is still a parade tonight, but I think I can shove some more in.
Haley: Works for me. Get over here.

Panel 10

Outside the Palace of Blood
Elan: You know, I had just assumed that your short hair was somehow symbolic of your character growth.
Haley: Me too! I guess it was just a crappy haircut.
Elan: Weird.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a pun on the word "locks" which can be a device to secure something or a tuft of hair. Picking mechanical locks is a core skill of Rogues like Haley in D&D.
  • Haley's hair was hacked off by Crystal in #610.

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