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Comic no. 1017
Date published 4 January 2016
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"King of Indecision" "Or Perhaps Punch"
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"Durkon" abdicates his office as High Priest of Hel.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: The orb?!? How did you—? We need that thing!!
"Durkon": Not anymore, you don't. I'm saving you the trouble of getting your ass kicked by Xykon again, Roy.

Panel 2

Roy: The thing is, the rules cut both ways.
Roy: If you leave, Hel doesn't have her high priest in the room. You need to be present for her vote to count.

Panel 3

"Durkon": Roy, please. I would think you know me better than to think I would fail to plan for that event.
Roy: Why? I've never met you before.

Panel 4

"Durkon": Lady of Odin!
High Priestess of Odin: *gasp!*
"Durkon": I hereby abdicate my position as High Priest of Hel.
"Durkon": Per our internal church protocols, the role now falls to the next in line.
Roy: Cute. So your little buddy there stays behind while you—

Panel 5

"Durkon": Oh, I'll need the Exarch by my side.
"Durkon": No, the next in line to be High Priest is...

Panel 6

The panel changes perspective to the nave entrance, flooding with vampires formerly of the Creed of the Stone.
"Durkon": Let's say...
The now-former High Priest of Hel points the vampire in the front.
"Durkon": Her, in the front. She'll do.
Gontor Hammerfell: Our church is a frontarchy. Prove otherwise.

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