Perhaps a Few Mini-Revolutions
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1047
Date published 8 August 2016
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Eugene and Roy have a talk about why Roy should (or shouldn't) just let the world get destroyed.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Eugene Greenhilt: Instead, I've got to rely on you and Julia to finish this for me.
Roy: I'm deeply sorry our existence is not as efficient a solution to your long-term problems as you might have hoped for.
Eugene: It's OK, I'm used to it.

Panel 2

Roy: I assume you're here to drop your two copper pieces on our current plan?
Eugene: Nah, why should I waste my ectoplasmic breath?

Panel 3

Eugene: I mean, the obvious solution is for you to turn back and do nothing, allowing the gods to destroy the world and, in the process, Xykon—
Eugene: —thus allowing me to finally pass into the afterlife proper.

Panel 4

Eugene: But I'm sure you've got some bee in your bonnet about letting people die or something.
Roy: Um, yes. Yes, I do.
Eugene: See, I knew it. I don't know why that even matters, honestly.

Panel 5

Roy: It matters because I don't have the right to decide that like a billion people have gotten their fill of being alive!
Eugene: But that's the beauty of it! You won't be deciding, the gods will be!

Panel 6

Roy: I am deciding.
Roy: If I have the knowledge and ability necessary to stop something bad from happening and I choose not to try, then I'm making a decision.
Roy: And I'm not willing to live with that. Or afterlive with that, I guess, since I'll be dead too.

Panel 7

Roy: But even if I'm willing to consider your charming pro-omnicide hot take, there's the issue of the dwarves.
Roy: They'll be condemned to an eternity of slavery under Hel's lash without our intervention.
Eugene: Hmmm. OK, that's actually a good point...

Panel 8

Eugene: Why the heck does the dwarven afterlife work like that, anyway?'
Roy: I don't know. Mom didn't know either, and the one time it came up with Durkon, he told me it was just the way things were.
Eugene: Seems like a pretty raw deal any way you cut it.
Roy: Yep.

Panel 9

Eugene: Although... if we could just figure out a way to contact them all, we could tell them what's going on and they could all run into a dragon.
Roy: What?
Eugene: You know: grab and axe, charge a dragon, die with honor before the vote.

Panel 10

Roy: All of them? The entire dwarven population??
Eugene: You don't think there are enough dragons?

Panel 11

Roy: Yes, Dad, you've successfully identified my key objection to your otherwise highly practical plan. Good job.
Eugene: Maybe they could split up and squeeze in a quick civil war before lunch tomorrow.

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