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Comic no. 527
Date published 4 February 2008
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"He's Just Pine-ing for the Fjords" "The Ghost Screamer"
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Roy and Haley have a conversation, or so Roy thinks.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: Hey, someone's coming...I better get ready to reveal myself, I don't want to scare anyone accidentally.

Panel 2

Roy: Haley! Fantastic!
Roy: Remain calm, Haley. It's me, Roy. I'm appearing to you from beyond the grave with an important message.

Panel 3

Haley: Hey Roy.
Roy: ...
Roy: OK, maybe not THAT calm. Geez, I mean, I'm still a restless spirit over here! A little respect, please?

Panel 4

Haley: Our glorious Resistance went on its big rescure[sic] mission today, after all that planning
Roy: Yeah, I know. I've been watching. But listen, I'm here to tell you—

Panel 5

Haley: We did OK. Not great, but OK. We lost Isamu, but rescued twenty or so slaves. And a cat apparently.
Roy: Yeah, but Belkar threatened to switch sides without actually doing it. That's got to be bucking the odds right there.

Panel 6

Haley: I'm not really used to being in charge, especially of Belkar. Back in the Thieves' Guild, we all pretty much each did our own thing, you know?
Roy: Yeah, but this isn't the same situ—

Panel 7

Haley: And I can't help but feel like this "Resistance" is just a way to keep us all occupied until Xykon drops the other shoe
Haley: We can't hope to defeat him; he could crush the entire team as easily as he squashed you, Roy.
Haley: Which is to say, really frickin' easily.

Panel 8

Roy: Gee, thanks for reminding me. Have you been taking tips on encouragement from your boyfriend?
Haley: And that's not even counting Redcloak, or Tsukiko, or whatever is hiding under that pink umbrella!

Panel 9

Roy: OK, OK, point taken.
Roy: Haley, listen: being a leader means being responsible when things go wrong, but it also means knowing that even in a victory, some people might die.
Roy: But maybe, if the mission is just and the cause righteous, maybe—just maybe—that's—

Panel 10

Haley: Well, thanks for listening to me ramble again, Roy. I miss you, you big meat shield.
Haley: I gotta go get some rest.

Panel 11

Haley walks away.

Panel 12

Roy: Or maybe you can't see or hear me at all, and you're just talking to my corpse.
Roy: *sigh*

Trivia Edit

  • In panel 4 there's a typo in the online comic: rescue is written as rescure.

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