The Mechane entering Passage Pass
Passage Pass
Races Dwarves
Frost Giants
Religions Church of Thrym

Passage Pass is one of the charted major airship trading routes through the Dwarven Lands from the south. It leads through the Summit Mountains from Zenith Peak to Firmament (and perhaps Tunnelsburg). It is known for its population of rocs.


Bandana points out Passage Pass on a map of the Dwarven Lands

The Order of the Stick entered the pass on board the Mechane on their way from the Godsmoot to Firmament to try to stop "Durkon"* from rigging the dwarven Council of the Clans and thereby causing Dvalin's vote to trigger the destruction of the world. However, Thrym, Lord of the Frost Giants, was aligned with Hel in her pursuit of the destruction of the world, and ordered a local clan of frost giants to assemble and ambush the airship on its way north to prevent them from interfering.

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