The Pantheon of Twelve Earthly Branches, commonly referred to as The Twelve Gods or The Gods of the South, has existed since the Dawn of Time and is one of the Four Original Pantheons. They are based on the Chinese Zodiac. Due to a comment by a deceased Azure City soldier, it can be assumed that people are born under the sign of one of the Twelve Gods, with a similar defining effect as their inspiration. [1]

Azure City used to have a High Priest of the Twelve Gods until recently, when Redcloak slew him.[2]

Dragon Edit

The Dragon has been seen multiple times, typically in positions of being at the head of the Twelve Gods, or with the Leaders of other Pantheons. From this it can be assumed that the Dragon is the Leader of the Pantheon of Twelve Earthly Branches. During The Crayons of Time the Dragon comments that other dragons should have the ability to breath fire, and continues the conflict that creates the Snarl.[3]

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The Tiger has only been seen in an active role once, intimidating Thor from interfering with the Battle of Azure City on Durkon Thundershield's behalf.[4]

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The ox is ugly.

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An associate of the Dark One. Due to a comment from Redcloak in Start of Darkness, it is assumed he is of some evil alignment.

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The Pig has been seen a handful of times, once while arguing with Thor and Hades about how trolls should be defined.[3]

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The Monkey has been seen stubbornly arguing with Freya about how ninjas should be involved in the creation of the new world. Since the Gods agreed to each shape the world as they chose on their turn, ninjas were incorporated.[5]

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