The Paladin is a Lawful Good melee fighting class. Paladins are devoted to their duty, honor, truth and loyalty and receive supernatural powers by their gods, such as Detect Evil, Smite Evil, and being able to summon their paladin mounts from the Celestial Realm.

Not many Paladins are encountered by the Order of the Stick. Almost all of them are associated with the Azure City and are devoted to the Twelve Gods. Soon Kim, a Paladin of the City, founded the Sapphire Guard of Paladins to protect his gate.

In OOTS comics, when Paladins summon their Holy Paladin Mount, (an animal which they ride and fight on) they use a Pokeball and say "<name of Mount>, I choose you!", a reference to Pokemon.

Paladins who perform evil deeds, are punished by their gods and lose their properties, like what happened to Miko Miyazaki when she murdered Lord Shojo.

Humorously, The comics describes Paladins as "People who have sticks up their ass", Explaining the Silent nature of the class.

Characters in Order of the Stick with levels in PaladinEdit

Base Classes: BarbarianBardClericDruidFighterPaladinMonkRangerRogueSorcererWizard

Prestige Classes: Arcane TricksterAssassinDashing SwordsmanMystic TheurgeShadowdancer
Other Classes: Favored SoulNinja
NPC Classes: AristocratCommonerExpertWarrior

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