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Comic no. 930
Date published 13 November 2013
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"Through" "My Two Dads"
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With the entire Order disabled, Tarquin scolds his son and prepares to kill Roy. Just then, the shadow of the Mechane comes over them, and Julio Scoundrél descends on a flying carpet to save the day.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Tarquin: I'm sorry, Elan, but you brought this all on yourself.
Tarquin: I tried to give you a dramatically significant death scene to swear vengeance over, but you seem to prefer this... this disjointed anarchy.
Tarquin: There's no unity of theme here at all!
Elan: Didn't we... already do the scene... where you try to convince me to do things your way?

Panel 2

Tarquin: Yes, and it didn't go right, so we are DOING IT AGAIN.
Tarquin: And we will CONTINUE to do it until you understand that it is in your best interest to...
A faint sound is heard, "whuppa whuppa whuppa"

Panel 3

Tarquin: ...listen to my...
The sound continues, "whuppa whuppa whuppa whuppa whuppa"
Tarquin: What is that noise? I know that noise.

Panel 4

Tarquin:! Not now! I'm in the middle of something important!
The sound is louder now, "whuppa whuppa whuppa whuppa whuppa", and an ovoid shadow falls over Elan and Roy.
Elan: Look! Roy, it worked! It worked!!
Roy: Whuh? What's going on?

Panel 5

In the shadow, the sound grows louder, "whuppa whuppa whuppa"
Elan: My secret plan! You told me that it would be better to find family among people who were good than to try and find good among my family.
Elan: So I thought what we needed to balance out an evil father figure—

Panel 6

The Mechane flies in the distance, partially eclipsing the sun as its propellers whir away, "whuppa whuppa whuppa whuppa". Only a few feet away, Julio Scoundrél arrives standing on a flying carpet, his saber drawn.
Elan (inset): —was a good father figure!
Julio Scoundrél: General Tarquin! We meet again!

Panel 7

Cut back to Elan and Roy.
Elan: Don't look at me like that, there were like a ton of hints on this one.

D&D Context Edit

  • In the first panel, Laurin is using the psion power Telekinetic Force to choke Vaarsuvius with Tarquin's whip. The power allows the psion to move distant objects with their mind.

Trivia Edit

  • Elan has the inspiration for his plan to seek the aid of Julio Scoundrél back in #836, but does not reveal his intentions to the party because it would ruin the narrative.

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