20px-Cquote1.png Beast must always respect master, is way of things.

Master takes care of beast, beast takes care of master.

Oona (again)
Biographical information

North Pole

First Comic


Last Comic


Physical description




Hair color

Seaweed green

Chronological and political information

Team Evil


Ranger (Presumed) / Beastmaster[1]



Known masters


Known apprentices

Lancer (animal companion)
Greyview (animal companion)



D&D Stats

1+/1+ (total level 11+)


Skill Focus (Handle Animal)


Handle Animal 8+, Survival 4+


Animal companion, Wild Empathy

Oona is a bugbear beastmistress living in a village near Kraagor's Tomb. Amongst her pets are her worg Greyview and a yrthak named Lancer. She has a philosophy of a bond of respect between the master and beast, with the master taking care of the beast and the beast taking care of the master.

Biography Edit

She and Lancer fought the paladins O-Chul and Lien during their trek across the Gelid Glacier. They escaped under the ice using Lien's ring of water breathing. Oona accompanied Team Evil on its forays into the myriad dungeons of Kraagor's Tomb. She is familiar with the tombs; the village subsists in part on resources gathered by raiding the tombs and then waiting for the monsters to respawn.

Personality and Traits Edit

Oona is only a casual follower of the Dark One; she feels that Goblins and Hobgoblins get preferential treatment by their god, leaving Bugbears and other lesser known goblinoids with the "short end of the stick".

She is one of the few people to know the Monster in the Darkness's true species, having taken a peek under its umbrella when Team Evil arrived at her village. She calls the MitD a "magnificent monster".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Beastmaster: Oona has levels in the Beastmaster prestige class, published in the 2005 D&D 3.5 supplement Complete Adventurer. This allows her multiple animal companions of increasing power.
  • Yrthak companion: Yrthaks are not on the standard list of animal companions, but would likely be in the 13th level druid list. This gives a lower bound on Oona's total character level. Beastmasters choose animal companions as if they were a druid 3 levels higher than their beastmaster level, so Oona could be a 10th level beastmaster (effective druid level 13), the maximum for that prestige class. The effective druid level stacks with other classes however, so she could also be a lower level beastmaster and have levels in druid or ranger. Her lack of familiarity with Redcloak's process of receiving spells suggests the latter.

Gallery Edit


  1. Comic #1037. "Beast Practices"
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