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Old Blind Pete once known as Eagle-Eyed Pete was a treacherous sniper of the Thieves' Guild of Greysky City. He kept a den in his basement keeping his crossbows and trophies from the years 1159 to 1163. Also, he was a childhood friend of a Cleric of Loki who was not in the Guild's pocket.

Once Appendix Steve warned him about having an nickname based on important body parts, but Pete did not heed him; when Bozzok caught Pete selling Guild secrets to rivals, he had him blinded (naturally). Once he paid a fortune to have a Cleric of Loki regenerate his eyes, but on his way to Anywhere, Crystal re-blinded him.

Pete had a safe room in his basement protected from all scrying and teleportation spells. When Haley returned to the City and realized that the Guild was after her for leaving them years ago, she sought refuge to his basement; she also asked if Pete could fetch them a Cleric so that he could heal Belkar and eventually resurrect Roy.

Pete had them waiting in the basement until he brought his Cleric friend. Actually he had them trapped in and summoned Bozzok and the rest of the Guild waiting outside, in exchange for the the right to Regenerate his eyes. The service was provided for free by a Cleric working for the guild.

He was healed and returned home (to change his clothes, as he had until then been unaware that he was wearing orange and purple) during the skirmish, when Belkar made his sortie. Belkar cheerfully stabbed Pete's foot to the floor and then let the Cleric enact revenge on his former friend for betraying the group. Although Pete claimed to have figured the whole situation, with him apparently returning to "rescue" his old friend, the Cleric saw through Pete's ploy and dubs him "Brainy Pete" and killed him by smashing his head with his mace.

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