Oh Grow Up
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1066
Date published 21 February 2017
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"Lesson Never Learned" "Bump in the Road"
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Bandana wakes up to find herself tied up. She argues with Andi about the mutiny and learns that Andi still thinks of her as she was when she was Bandana's babysitter.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Bandana sits unconscious, tied to the rail of the quarterdeck.

Panel 2

Banana: Whuh...

Panel 3

Bandana: What the—? What the heck happened?!?

Panel 4

Andi: Oh, you're awake.
Bandana: You low-down rat! You clocked me! That's mutiny!!
Andi: Yeah, we went over that while you were out. Had to be done.

Panel 5

Bandana: Listen to me, if we turned off the pass—
Andi: Oh, now look who's in favor of the captain listening to other opinions all of a sudden.
Bandana You're not the captain!
Roy parries the giant's axe, "CLANG!"

Panel 6

Andi: Well neither were you, not that it stopped you from bossing me around and getting people killed.
Andi: And as I learned in engineering school, if something's not working, when all else fails hit it with a wrench.

Panel 7

Andi: Which I wouldn't have needed to do if you weren't just as pigheaded as when I first came aboard.
Bandana: When you first—I was eight years old when you first came aboard!!
Andi: Exactly.

Panel 8

Flashback to Bandana's youth, some 15 years prior.
Lakaita: I'm so sorry, I hope Beatrix wasn't too much trouble for you.
Andi: It's OK, Mrs. Secundus. I can finish my trigonometry homework later.
Bandana: I ain't Beatrix, I'm Captain Bandana! Scourge of the seven skies!
Bandana: And I'm staying up forever!!

Panel 9

Andi: I should've known that I'd need to put you to bed in order to get anything useful done.
Bandana: Oh for the love of—that's what gets you so teed off, ain't it?

Panel 10

Bandana: You go no respect for me or my command because you used to be my babysitter like a million years ago.
Bandana: This whole thing is 'cause you're still stalty you gotta take orders from a "kid".

Panel 11

Andi: Wrong! It's not that at all!
Andi: It just so happens that all your decisions are wrong, and the other options are right, by default.
Bandana: If you're gonna tie my hands up, at least have the manners to stop saying stuff that's just begging for a facepalm.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Bandana's given name, Beatrix, is used.
  • The word Facepalm is a very recent coinage, first appearing in 2006, according to one source.
  • Lakaita Secundus, Bandana's mother, makes her second and most recent appearance here, first appearing in #959.

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