Not for Everyone
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 464
Date published 11 June 2007
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"Shattered" "No One Likes a Tattletale"
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The death of Miko.

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Panel 1

Soon Kim speaks with Miko Miyazaki in the wreckage of the castle.
Soon: ...Hello, Miko.
Miko: Lord Soon! I did well, didn't I? I did what the gods wanted!
Miko: That's why you're here. right? To thank me?

Panel 2

Soon: You have done... adequately. By destroying my Gate, you have ensured that it can no longer be used for Evil purposes.
Soon: You have fulfilled you oath to defend this one Gate... technically.
Soon: Had you been less hasty, however, I might have ended Xykon's threat permanently.

Panel 3

Miko: Destroy him now! You can still fly after him!
Soon: Our oaths to defend the Gate was all that bound our souls to this world.
Soon: With the Gate shattered, my spirit can no longer influence this world.

Panel 4

Soon: Even now, we are fading to the Celestial Realm.
Soon: We will usher you to your destination as well.
Miko: Really? Does that mean I get to be a paladin again?

Panel 5

Soon: ...
Soon: No.

Panel 6

Soon: I'm truly sorry, Miko, but redemption requires more than simply the execution of your duty, even if you follow that duty to the end.

Panel 7

Soon: True redemption demands that you seek forgiveness for your past misdeeds. That you atone for the actions that caused the Twelve Gods to turn away from you.
Soon: That you even acknowledge that you could, in fact, be wrong.
Soon: You have done none of this.

Panel 8

Soon: Perhaps if you had more time... but then again, perhaps not.
Soon: Redemption is a rare and special thing, after all.
Soon: It is not for everyone.

Panel 9

Miko: Will... will I get to see Windstriker again?
Soon: Of course. He has been waiting for you. He will visit you as much as he is able.
Miko: OK...
Miko: OK, then...

Panel 10

Soon fades out, and Miko is revealed to have been bisected by the explosion.
Miko: I can live with that.

Panel 11

Miko dies.

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