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Comic no. 850
Date published 21 April 2012
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"Suspicious Agreement" "Passive Voice"
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Impersonating Thog, Tarquin engages in solo combat with the Order of the Stick. When they hesitate, he goads them into melee.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Atop the pyramid, the party is being blasted by the sand storm evoked by Malack's Control Wind spell.
Durkon: Dispell Magic!
Durkon: ...
Durkon: Nuts.
Elan: Owww! Roy, the wind is sharp!
Belkar: That idiot elf is probably taking a nap while we get out faces sandblasted.
Roy: Elves don't sleep, Belkar. Keep pushing.

Panel 2

Tarquin: Steady...
Roy: Hey, I think it's calming—
Haley: Roy! Look out!

Panel 3

Tarquin leaps off his pteranadon and smites Roy with Soul Muncher with a mighty "WONK!"

Panel 4

Roy: Oh come on! I just HAD this battle!
Elan: With the big panels and everything!
Belkar: Must be summer rerun season already.

Panel 5

Tarquin: nale rescue thog. nale steal new stuff from nale's daddy.
Tarquin: dark elfy made armor purple 'cause thog like purple.

Panel 6

Elan: You know, he insisted on purple when we were robbing that clothing store, too.
Durkon: Aye, I can see an illusion on 'is armor...
Roy: OK, I do not care about thog's new fashions!
Roy: Thought I do like not having to look at his face...

Panel 7

Elan: Don't worry, Roy. You beat Thog all by yourself, and now you have us to help!
Belkar: Yeah, even with Elan here, that's got to be a net positive!
Elan: Exactly!
Haley: We should hurry, before the rest of his team lands.
Roy: Take him down, Order of the Stick. Hard.

Panel 8

The party advances on Tarquin.
Tarquin: Magnificent.

D&D Context Edit

  • Tarquin came up with the excuse about Thog liking purple to explain the glamoured armor that Durkon could sense with his True Seeing.
  • Dispel Magic is 3rd level spell which can cancel magical effects, though the chance of success depends on the relative strength of the casters.

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to Thog calling Elan "not-nale" in #387.

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