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Comic no. 292
Date published 10 March 2006
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Eugene kills a dramatic moment.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy: That still doesn't explain how you got mixed up with Shojo.
Eugene: Don't get your codpiece in a knot, I'm not done yet.

Panel 2

Flashback to after the explosion of the Dungeon of Dorukan. Eugene is shouting soundlessly.
Eugene (inset): I tried to appear to you after you blew up the castle, but with the sword broken, I was out of luck. You couldn't see or hear me.
Flumph: Why isn't anyone calling a cleric??

Panel 3

Eugene (inset): I did, however, spot a scrying sensor that was examining the wreckage, and was able to trace it back to the diviners of Azure City.
Eugene: Detect Scrying!

Panel 4

Tony, an angel, is gagged and bound.
Eugene (inset): Moments later, I sensed Shojo's clerics attempting to summon a celestial to dispense advice, so I high tailed it back to the Upper Planes and... intervened.
Eugene: Nothing personal, Tony.
Tony: Mmph!

Panel 5

Eugene (inset): Shojo and I consulted, and we hatched a plan to get you down here to the South so we could both talk to you—without tipping off those pesky paladins.
Shojo: Deal?
Eugene: I can't shake hands, I'm incorporeal.

Panel 6

Cut back to Eugene in the throne room.
Eugene: I've been stuck here ever since, unfortunately. I can't leave the circle...
Eugene: ...and if I return to the Upper Planes, I'm pretty sure they won't let me respond to any more summoning spells for a while.

Panel 7

Roy: Wow... so you went through all that trouble just so you could talk to me and congratulate me on defeating Xykon and fulfilling your oath? You really do care...
Eugene: Congratulate?

Panel 8

Eugene: I'm not here to congratulate you, you numbskull! You screwed up! Not that I should have expected differently from a fighter.
Roy: Excuse me??

Panel 9

Eugene: Xykon is alive!!
Roy: What??

Panel 10

Eugene: Well, I don't mean actually alive. Technically, he's still dead, just not, you know, DEAD-dead.

Panel 11

Eugene: He's undead, right, so he's up and moving around, even though he's still life signs: negative. But it's not like he just spontaneously came back to life.

Panel 12

Eugene: I mean, he DID come back spontaneously, but back to, uh, undeath, I suppose.
Roy: Just curious, do you get XP for killing this dramatic moment?

D&D Context Edit

  • Detect Scrying is a 4th-level Wizard spell that allows you to detect scrying effects. This includes the possible Arcane Eye spell that Eugene spots by casting the spell. Arcane Eye creates an invisible eye that can be spent to other areas to spy. The spell could have also been Scrying.
  • The Upper Planes are a group of good-aligned planes. Whenever a character uses a summoning spell to summon a good creature they are pulled from the Upper Planes.
  • Incorporeal creatures are not composed of matter, but essence.
  • A Magic Circle can contain a summoned being from the Upper Planes.
  • Tony is an Angel of some type, but it is not clear if he is a Deva, Planetar, or Solar.

Trivia Edit

  • The Flumph is apparently the one that Elan landed on in #120.
  • There is an argument to be made that the eye is an appearance of Sangwaan, though it is not being counted as such.

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