"Let's call it a theory. But if I told you, you wouldn't believe me."
Keep in mind that parts of this article or section relies on speculation, and that it'll continue to be updated with more information as the comics go on.

A pair of Demon Cockroaches implied at one point[1] that the grand plot of the comics involves at least nine distinct factions, at least some of which were not yet known about at that point.

Eventually, at the commentary in Book 4, "Don't Split the Party", author Rich Burlew confirmed that the Cockroaches' claim was accurate and furthermore that one of those factions would be introduced in Book 5 (which turned out to be "Blood Runs in the Family"), implying that said faction is either the Vector Legion, Hel or perhaps the Draketooth Family.[2]

As of the time of Comic #997, "Plan B", several additional groups were revealed and speculated to be among the nine.

It is still not entirely clear who are those factions, nor how they are counted or even if they have all been revealed. Some have become entirely or practically extinct since, while others have complex relationships with close alliances or some level of internal conflict, some of which has been only hinted at and may not be significant.

For instance, Azure City's resistance had been unified by the time of #548, but it used to comprise at least three distinct factions. Their Elven allies may or may not be counted separately, as well, and all later become effectively extinct.

Forum discussion on the matter is recurrent.[3]

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