Nightmare on Blue Street
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 519
Date published 8 January 2008
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"At Least It Wasn't the Fourth Wall Again" "The Power of Immediate Gratification"
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Haley's battle with Tsukiko and Black Squadron in the warehouse takes a turn for the worse.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Haley: Unnnhhh...
Haley: At least I landed back in the panel...

Panel 2

Haley is shocked by a delayed effect of Tsukiko's spell, "ZZAP!!"
Haley: AAAA!!!

Panel 3

Haley: *pant* *pant* *pant*

Panel 4

Haley: What the heck?!? What kind of unbalanced spells is she using?
Haley: I guess I better watch my—

Panel 5

The Dominated Ho Thanh slashes Haley with his katana, "slash!"
Haley: Aaaa!
Haley: Crap!!

Panel 6

Haley: Thanh! Snap out of it! It's me, Haley! You don't want to attack me, do you?
Ho Thanh: Thieves break the law. Thieves deserve punishment. Must attack.

Panel 7

Thanh: Must attack. Thanh slashes with his katana again, "slash!" while Boot Wight drains her life from her flank.
Haley: Nnnnnh!

Panel 8

Haley: OK, I know a fight my class wasn't designed for when I see one.
Haley: I'm supposed to be the flanker, not the flankee.

Panel 9

Tsukiko: I'm just getting started! I'm a mystic theurge, I have more spells than you have hit points!
Tsukiko: Fire Orb!
Tsukiko: Quickened Lesser Acid Orb!

Panel 10

Haley: Isamu! Isamu, I need help! I need you to—

Panel 11

Isamu has been turned into a wight.
Haley (thinking): Oh gods.
Wight #1: Delicious, but the portion was too small. I'm still hungry.
Wight #2: Not a problem, here comes the second course.

Panel 12

Haley:This story is swiftly moving from fantasy to horror—and just my luck, I'm stuck in the role of the bimbo who runs down the alley away from the monsters.
Haley: I swear, if I randomly fall down and break the heel of my boot, I'm going to find Wes Craven and kick his ass.

D&D Context Edit

  • Haley is complaining about the game balance. When a DM introduced home-brewed spells, sometimes they are not appropriately balanced with regard to the abilities and spells of other characters of the same level.
  • The primary advantage of the Mystic Theurge is the advancement of spell slots for both arcane and divine spell casting with each level. This gives the Mystic Theurge more total spell slots than most other classes.
  • The Quicken Spell Feat allows Tsukiko to attack as second time in the same round.

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