Never Failed Him Before
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1071
Date published 18 May 2017
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"Half Probably Are" "Flying Low"
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Andi turns the ship around, while Elan sows confusion in his enemy.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The crippled Mechane flies toward a very high mountain.

Panel 2

On the quarterdeck
Andi: What?
Mateo: Please do not tell me we can make it over that.
Andi: No but—I could've sworn I saw...

Panel 3

Andi: OK, OK, this is not a problem.
Andi: Kwesi, slow us down to half speed. Mateo, turn us around and head back to where we almost crashed.
Mateo: Which time?
Andi: The fork, not the ridge.
Mateo: Aye aye.

Panel 4

The Mechane makes a U-turn.

Panel 5

On the main deck, Roy and the giantess are knocked off their feet by the sudden turn.

Panel 6

Giantess: What am I doing? My goal is to destroy this ship, not defeat one human in combat.

Panel 7

The giantess cuts two rigging lines, "SNAP! SNAP!"
Giantess: Raaarr!

Panel 8

Roy: Ahh, no no no!
Roy: Hey, don't you want to come back over here and, uh, prove you can beat me on your own?
Elan: Don't worry, Roy—I can slow her down. Minor Confusion!

Panel 9

Giantess: Compel discerning peanut butter droplet ladders!

Panel 10

Roy: Ugh, now she's just running away to the end of the ship where all the important parts are!
Elan: Who would've predicted that acting completely at random could ever turn out bad??

D&D Context Edit

  • Minor Confusion is not a canonical D&D 3.5 spell. This is likely just a typo by the author. Elan has previously used the 1st level bard spell Lesser Confusion, once on Enor in #721, and again on Tarquin's triceratops in #927, which is almost certainly the spell he uses here.

Trivia Edit

  • The 38 day gap between this strip and #1070 is the third longest time between updates to the comic during its run, only surpassed by the gap between #863 and #864, during Rich Burlew's recovery from an injury to his hand, and the gap between #946 and #947 after the completion of Blood Runs in the Family, when he took some time off from the strip to plan the next book and work on other projects. During this gap in the main comic, the author completed How the Paladin Got His Scar, a prequel book detailing the origins of O-Chul. This project was one of the bonus items promised from the Kickstarter campaign.

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