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And when the devils, daemons, and demons unite under our commission's logo someday, we will storm the gates of the upper planes and lay waste to all that is pure and holy.
  — Director Nero[1]  

Nero is a Yugoloth Archfiend and one of the three directors of the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission. The first two letters of his name correspond to his alignment, Neutral Evil.

The IFCC has three director members, one from each of evil types of Outsiders, Demons, Devils, and Yugoloth (Daemons in 1st and part of 2nd edition AD&D). They nearly always have a common dialogue, each of them speaking a sentence or even a part of that. This makes it hard to determine who is who, though the color of their eyes sets them apart.

Word of God in Don't Split The Party (next to page 642a) informs the reader who is who. Nero is distinguished by his purple eyes and dialogue, he is a yugoloth, Neutral Evil. Orange is Cedrik, a demon, Chaotic Evil, and Yellow is Lee, a devil, Lawful Evil.

In the Soul Splice, Nero provided to Vaarsuvius the necromancer Haerta Bloodsoak, Destroyer of Hope.[1] Haerta had the shortest duration of her splice, making V's debt to Nero the shortest at 3 minutes and 6 seconds.[2] Haerta provided the epic spell, Familicide, which destroyed all the black dragons in the family line of the Ancient Black Dragon, as well as those who shared blood with them. This genocide has weighed heavily on Vaarsuvius since their deal with the IFCC.

He is likely named after the infamous Roman Emperor Nero. He could also be a reference to Neron, an infamous Demon from DC Comics that grants wishes in exchange of their immortal souls.


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