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20px-Cquote1.png Well, I can't very well allow you to continue breathing after an insult like that, now, can I? Because no one denies me, Elan. Not Father, not you, no one. 20px-Cquote2.png
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Nale was the evil twin brother of Elan (his name is also "Elan" spelled backwards), and the head of The Linear Guild. He first appeared in the Dungeon of Dorukan, where he and the Linear Guild attempted to kill The Order of the Stick and claim the Talisman of Dorukan. He was a multiclass fighter/rogue/sorcerer who specialized in enchantments which, he eventually came to realize, is the same combination of abilities as his bardic twin, just more complicated.



Baby Nale with his father, please note the "Baby on Board" sticker attached to the Chariot

He was raised by Tarquin, his ruthless, lawful evil father, a powerful general of an evil army, while Elan was raised by the two's mother, a kindly, chaotic good barmaid. In terms of magic, he stated he specialized in Enchantment spells (Spell Focus (Enchantment) feat) and simply selected a large number of enchantments for his repertoire.

He followed his father to the Western Continent and his campaigns to establish himself as a King in this unstable geography. Two years ago they helped the Empress of Blood ascend the throne. Afterwards he tried to seize the power for himself and he performed several crimes (murder, conspiracy and treason) against the Empire of Blood. The Empress put a bounty on him.

Nale knew that he was the “evil twin” of Elan, and went to great lengths to recreate an “evil”(or good in the case of Belkar) version of the Order of the Stick, commenting once that he had “invested a lot of time and energy into this ‘Evil Opposites’ theme”. The original version of the Linear Guild was not necessarily based on them (although the name suggests otherwise), but in preparation for their second showdown, Nale went to great lengths to find evil counterparts for Durkon(Leeky Windstaff), and Belkar(Yokyok) (though considering that Belkar is already Chaotic Evil, it is unknown just how evil Yokyok was), and made huge effort to find an evil version of Vaarsuvius before finally discovering Pompey.

A running gag was that when Nale lied, he openly stated what he was lying about in his speech, yet his target never caught on (or when they did, nothing became of it). He often bragged that, despite his obvious lies, his bluff skill was able to convince his target of anything.


Death of the titular Chief in Hail to the Chief

At one time, Nale kidnapped Julia Greenhilt and invited Roy to come to Cliffport and bring Elan with him. In the ensuing confrontation, he took the place of his brother (having shaved his beard off and glued it onto his brother) and traveled with them, by teleportation, to Azure City. He had planned to eliminate the members of the Order as quickly as possible by engineering things so that he ends up alone with each one in turn. However, upon discovering the Order of the Stick's mission to protect the Gates of the Snarl from Xykon, Nale had changed his plans; he decided to seize control of the Gates himself, having deduced that Xykon must have devised a way to channel and direct the energy of the Snarl.

Meanwhile, Elan, having falsely been thought to be Nale, was imprisoned. He eventually escaped and found his way to Azure City. He, Vaarsuvius, Haley and Durkon capture Nale and other members of the Linear Guild, who is imprisoned by the Sapphire Guard in anti-magic cells. After the war with Xykon, the Order of the Stick believe the Linear Guild members to be dead; however, in truth, Nale, Sabine and Thog escaped during the war and left the city to resume their efforts to take one of the two remaining gates (after a visit to an ice cream parlor).

Nale recruited other members for the Linear Guild after the occupation of the Azure City and went to the Empire of Blood. Once again, Elan paid the price there while the Order of the Stick was looking for Girard's Gate; however, this mistake led him to meeting his father, Tarquin, for the first time.

During the festivities, the Linear Guild revealed its presence. Elan was abducted by Sabine who took him to Nale. Despite the fact that he had plotted the ambush at the last second, Nale almost succeeded when he was interrupted by Malack, who attempted to kill him for murdering his offspring. Nale retreats and attempts to regather his group, only to be personally arrested by Tarquin once the Order of the Stick leads to protect the Gate. Nale bargains for his life by revealing the existence of the Gates and his assumption that they are controllable, and Tarquin agrees to use Nale's assistance to gain control of Girard's. Malack reluctancly agrees to join in, and they recruit Kilkil to assist as well.

The newly-reformed Linear Guild make their way through the pyramid, losing an encounter with the Order of the Stick that causes Sabine to be banished. After regrouping, Nale, Malack, Zz'dtri and the newly turned Durkon continue through the pyramid, Nale expressing delight at leading a party entirely formed of spellcasters.

Nale falls into the illusion trap, being caught in a fantasy of ruling the world. He is shown gloating to Elan and Haley with Sabine at his side, when he realizes the trick after noticing that he'd never been able to explain his plans without the Order of the Stick escaping. The group reach the centre of the pyramid, but are fooled by a large column with the inscription 'Sorry, but your gate is in another pyramid.' Nale, furious at being tricked, orders the Linear Guild out of the Pyramid.

Nale scream

Nale screams in Malack's face, telling him that he has wanted to destroy him for 13 years.

Later, Nale manages to kill Malack by snatching his staff that contained the Protection From Daylight spell and tossing it off in the distance. However, Malack's now-freed vampire thrall Durkon refused Nale's offer of joining the Linear Guild and immediately attacked both Nale and Zz'dtri. Nale managed to escape using Dimension Door.

As he made his escape, Nale ran into his father's army entering the desert through a psionically created Wormhole. After Nale revealed to Tarquin and Laurin that he had killed Malack and refused Tarquin's help, Tarquin stabbed him with a dagger, killing him. Laurin Shattersmith noted that Malack could not come back to life due to being incinerated (and a vampire), and destroyed Nale's corpse to prevent him from returning either.


Nale looked and sounded exactly like Elan; the only physical difference between the two brothers was Nale’s small goatee (confirmed by Rich Burlew in the first collected book as an intentional reference to Spock in the Star Trek Mirror Universe) which Nale shaved off and glued onto his brother in order to swap places with Elan during one of his plans to kill the Order of the Stick. He eventually grew it back after the deception was discovered. His cunning, scheming and evil nature made him the opposite of the light-hearted, good-natured and comically inept Elan. He was also in a relationship with Sabine, Haley's opposite, whereas Elan seemed somewhat oblivious to Haley's feelings towards him for nearly four hundred strips. He was the smartest member of the guild, though he has a tendency to outsmart himself.

He was quite skilled with words and a master planner. He had also proven that he could think very quickly on his feet and come up with an intelligent, if not the best, solution to his problems, once again in opposition to Elan, who usually just wings it. Due to his theatrics and sadism he may be described as a competent "Bond Villain". His "tragic" flaw is that he would overcomplicate a situation akin to his mother, such as once killing 417 innocent people, just to point the police to where he would be located (on a map, pushpins of the crimes made arrows to his hideout). His arrogance was also his weakness for many times his overconfidence or underestimating others resulted in his downfall.

Another of Nale's weaknesses was his tendency to boast of what he has achieved, even when subtlety would be more appropriate. This inability to not reveal his achievments eventually lead to his death at the hands of his father after he boasted about killing his best friend.


Level: Fighter 1+, Rogue 2+ (uses Evasion), Sorcerer 8+ (casts Dimension Door), level 15 (affected by Holy Word and the same as Elan).

Str 18- (Same as Elan), Dex 13-17 (Same as Elan), Con unknown but same as Elan, Int 13+ (has Combat Expertise), Wis unknown, Cha 15+ (casts Sending from a scroll).

Age: 22+ (Same as Elan).

Skills: Bluff +3 (at least, counting Charisma).

Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm.

Class features: Rogue features.

Stuff: Longsword, Wand of Enervation, Protection from Negative Energy elixirs.

Spells: Charm Person, Dimension Door, Expeditious Retreat, Invisibility, Prestidigation, Suggestion.

(These stats taken from Class and Level Geekery X.)


Nale's last words were: "NOTHING! I want NOTHING from you! I am my own man now, not some cog in your latest oh-so-clever scheme. I don't want your nepotism or your charity or your pity! I want NOTHING!" (Tarquin) "Is that really how you feel?" "YES!" 

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