Mutually Assured Observation
Order of the Stick comic
Mutually Assured Observation
Comic no. 1002
Date published 3 September 2015
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"Will Save the Day" "An Attack on Two Levels"
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Roy and Durkon go for round two, as the high priests of the Northern Pantheon try to decide on what to do.

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Panel 1

"Durkon": I'm surprised you're not on our side. A world that's been destroyed can never be conquered by Xykon.
"Durkon": Hold Person.
Roy resists the spell.
Roy: Oh, yeah, trade one undead overlord for a new world filled with them. Brilliant!

Panel 2

Roy: And you're not surprised at all. You lied to me about coming here.
Roy: If you really thought I might consider your position, you wouldn't have made it seem like a lucky coincidence.
Roy full attacks Durkon striking his armor and shield, "CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!"
"Durkon": True. But then you probably wouldn't have listened.
"Durkon": You've never been very good at listening to any idea that didn't originate inside your own skull. That's probably why the Domination failed.

Panel 3

Roy: Maybe. Or maybe it failed because you've never been very good at being assertive.
Roy stabs "Durkon" through the chest with a "splrtchk!"
"Durkon": Urkk!

Panel 4

Cut to Durkon's thoughts.
Durkon Och, c'mon, lad! Tha ain't just Evil Me yer fightin' now!
"Durkon": I see no reason to clarify the matter for him.

Panel 5

"Durkon": If there's even a chance he holds back because he subconsciously doesn't want to hurt his best friend, that's a win for me.
"Durkon": Also, it's hilarious to provoke him into badmouthing you.

Panel 6

Cut to the High Priests watching the fight.
High Priest of Mani: What do we do?
High Priestess of Njord: I don't know!
High Priest of Vafthrudnir: This seems like an internal church dispute. We should not interfere.
High Priestess of Freya: No, we need to help him! He's fighting to save us all!
High Priest of Sunna: I'm sorry—
High Priest of Sunna: —but if you cast any spells on him, I will be forced to unload every buff spell I have onto the vampire.

Panel 7

High Priestess of Freya: Are you crazy?? Do you want the world to end?!?
High Priest of Sunna: Of course I don't, and the idea of helping a vampire sickens me.
High Priest of Sunna: But my goddess has decided what she thinks is best and I will not question her judgement in matters beyond my station.

Panel 8

High Priest of Sunna: So let's all just let this play out... one way or the other.
High Priestess of Freya: ...
Roy and "Durkon" continue fighting in the background, "Durkon" blocking a blow with his shield.
Veldrina: I believe in you, Roy!
Veldrina: Even though I just met you and that belief is therefore entirely unsubstantiated!

D&D Context Edit

  • Hold Person is a 2nd level spell which, if successful, causes the subject to be frozen in place. Roy made his Will Save to resist the effect.
  • In D&D, a buff spell is an enhancement.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is play on the Cold War doctrine of Mutual assured destruction.
  • This is the second and final appearance of the High Priestess of Njord. She also appeared in #999.

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