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Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1039
Date published 7 June 2016
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"Goblin to Goblin" "It Probably Would've Taken 30 Pages"
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Oona, Redcloak, the MitD and Xykon prepare to enter Kraagor's Tomb.

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Panel 1, Page 1

Oona: So, Dark One, did he help with the choosing?
Redcloak: No. I said it was a nonverbal link, remember? The only feedback I get is that he's still satisfied enough with my work to grant spells.
Redcloak: Extended Freedom of Movement.

Panel 2, Page 1

Oona: But when clan is having trouble, sometimes shaman is with the asking and helping, yes?
Redcloak: I do have divination spells that can request limited advice, but they have some restrictions.
Demon-Roach #1: For evil entertainment purposes only!
Demon-Roach #2: Offer void where prohibited by Chaos!

Panel 3, Page 1

Redcloak: Primary of which is that our god can't provide information that he himself doesn't know.
Redcloak: The majority of other gods have colluded to hide the existence of the Gates even from his divine senses, so my magic can't just point the way.
Redcloak: Extended Fortunate Fate.

Panel 4, Page 1

Oona: Ah. Is too bad, would be nice for choosing to be easy.
Greyview: Nothing is easy. Life is hard, dying is worse.
Oona: Oh, shush.

Panel 5, Page 1

Oona: Oh, look! There is bone man, with stone dwarf.
Redcloak: Please tell me you remembered to refresh your spell energy before you moved on to juvenile grafiti.
Redcloak: Magic Vestment.
Xykon: Chill, Monocular Man.
Xykon: I've been waiting 45 minutes for your mortal ass to finish playing Mother-May-I with the Dim One.

Panel 6, Page 1

Redcloak and Xykon regard Xykon's graffiti on Kraagor's statue. The inscription reads, "SACRIFICE FORGOTTEN IS FOR SUCKERS!"
Xykon: You're not going to bore me with a lecture for redecorating, are you?
Redcloak: He killed thousands of goblins while he was alive. I wouldn't care if you pissed on his face.
Redcloak: Well, except for the obvious biology questions that would raise.

Panel 7, Page 1

Oona: We are all readiness to enter Monster Hollow, yes?
Redcloak: Yes, but as I've told you, its proper name is Kraagor's Tomb.
Oona: Do not know Kraagor. Has monsters, is hollow. Is Monster Hollow.
Redcloak: *sigh*

Panel 8, Page 1

Oona: Monster Hollow important to bugbear clan. Hunt a little, tame a little. Wait, then monsters come back, start all over.
Oona: Living here in icy ice where dwarves don't chase us because Monster Hollow is good to us.
Oona: Where else would Oona get magic cold resistant fur for stylish yet functional mask?

Panel 9, Page 1

Oona: Helping little bald man in cape because must be sure Monster Hollow still have monsters for clan after.
Redcloak: I assure you, the faster we find what we're looking for, the faster we can stop delving into the tomb.
Redcloak: Superior Resistance.
Monster in the Darkness: Oooo! Oooo! can I do the paint this time?
Xykon: Sure, knock yourself out. Just don't get it all over everything.

Panel 10, Page 1

Xykon: OK, boys and girls, let's get tonight's festivities started.
Xykon: Please cast any long-term buffs before entering the tomb and make sure you've returned all your limited-use special abilities to the locked and upright position.
Xykon: Before we begin our descent, let me just ask one more question.

Panel 1, Page 2

Team Evil stands in front of the entrance to Kraagor's Tomb, which consists of hundreds of doors. Some are marked with an "x".
Xykon: Is anyone feeling especially lucky tonight?

D&D Context Edit

  • Redcloak is casting several long term buffs to prepare for the dungeon crawl. :
    • Freedom of Movement is a 4th level spell which grants immunity to paralysis, grappling and other effects which would restrict movement.
    • Redcloak twice uses the Extend Spell feat which doubles the duration of spells.
    • Fortunate Fate is a 7th level spell introduced in the 2001 Magic of Faerûn supplement for D&D 3.0. It is a contingency spell which immediately triggers a healing spell if the subject suffers an attack which would kill him.
    • Magic Vestment is a 3rd level spell which imbues his armor with +1 per four levels (Redlcoak is level 17, so +4).
    • Superior Resistance is a 6th level spell introduced in the 2005 Spell Compendium supplement for D&D 3.5. It grants the subject a +6 resistance bonus on saving throws.

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