Moving On
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 956
Date published 28 June 2014
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"Strike Two" "Takes One to Know One"
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Roy holds the line as everyone else is just fine without him.

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Transcript Edit

Panel 1

The damaged Mechane flies over the ocean.

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: I believe the threat of electrical discharge has passed.
Elan: Hooray! We weathered the weather!
Bandana: Yeah, looks like we’re down to a drizzle. My people can work with this.
Roy: Great job, Durkon. I knew we could count on you.
"Durkon": Thank ye, lad. It’s always good ta help.
Belkar: Yeah, wouldn’t want to endanger your all-you-can-drink buffet.

Panel 3

Andi: Bandana, those engines can’t be fixed without new parts.
Bandana: We should be able to get everything we need from the gnomes of Tinkertown—if we can afford it.
Roy: We can help with the money. But, how many miles out of the way is it?

Panel 4

Bandana: Zero, actually. We needed to stop there to refuel anyway.
Bandana: But it’ll take a while to get everything fixed up, I reckon.
Roy: *sigh*
Roy: I guess a day in port is better than flying the rest of the way at one-quarter speed. How long until we get there?

Panel 5

Bandana: If we haven’t blown too far off course and we don’t get any slower… about 12 hours, give or take.
Roy: Durkon, will the weather hold until then?
"Durkon": Aye, lad. I’ll be preparin’ and castin’ tha spell again ‘fore it fades.

Panel 6

Roy: Ok, gang, the plan is—

Panel 7

Andi: I’ll make a list of all the parts we’ll need.
Bandana: I’ll check our heading and have Felix get us back on course.
Haley: I’ll tally our finances and see if we have the cash to pay for an expedited repair job.
Vaarsuvius: I shall assist by identifying the remaining magical items seized during our recent encounters.
"Durkon": I need ta finish researchin’ me protection spell from me staff.
Belkar: I’ll go… uh… check on Mr. Scruffy.
Elan: And I’ll see if anyone else on the crew needs healing!

Panel 8

Roy: —that stuff. The plan is exactly that stuff they just said.
Blackwing: We can only teach them to fly, knowing someday, they’ll soar from the nest!

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