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Misdirection and Subterfuge
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 142
Date published 20 January 2005
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"Horse Sense" "Do-Over"
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The Linear Guild plots against the Order of the Stick.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Sabine (as Dwarf Blacksmith): Farewell! Bring me back the starmetal, laddie!
Roy: Yeah, yeah, I remember the plot.
Belkar: "Are you OK?" Heh heh, yeah right...

Panel 2

Sabine is left alone.

Panel 3

Sabine returns to her true appearance.

Panel 4

Nale: I take it he bought to story?
Sabine: Hook, line and proverbial sinker, honey.

Panel 5

Sabine: What I don't get, though, is why go through all the trouble to send Roy after this starmetal. Won't that just make his sword that much stronger?
Nale: Well, were the oaf to actually find and retrieve it, then yes, theoretically.
Two townspeople see Sabine in her true fiendish form.
Woman: Aaaah!!

Panel 6

Nale: But the rumor about that meteorite has been around for decades. If it ever existed, some other group of adventurers would have claimed it by now.
Nale: I mean, seriously, it has "quest" written all over it.

Panel 7

Nale: By sending him out there on a plausible fool's errand, it keeps the heat off of us while we engage in the business at hand.
Sabine: And what business would that be?

Panel 8

Nale: Recruiting replacement members for a new Linear Guild, naturally.
Nale produces a Silent Image of the face of Hilgya, Yikyik, and Zz'dtri with red X's over them.
Nale: We lost three allies when we last faced my brother Elan. When I seek my revenge on him, I intend for the outcome to be more favorable.

Panel 9

Flashback to Nale and Thog coming around the corner of the Barbarian's Guild just as Belkar is walking in. Thog carries a sleeping bag and a teddy bear, and wears a nightcap.
Nale (off-panel): We're just lucky I spotted the creepy little psychopath when I was picking Thog up from his Barbarian's Guild sleepover, or we'd have no idea they managed to escape Xykon.

Panel 10

Cut back to Nale.
Nale: As an extra added bonus, if half the things I've heard regarding Wooden Forest are true, I wouldn't give you a copper piece for their chances to all make it back alive.

Panel 11

Sabine: Hee. I hope the skank survives, though. I want to kill her myself.
Nale: Ooh, it gets me hot when you talk about snuffing out lives.

Panel 12

They walk into the blacksmith's shop, where Thog has the real Dwarf Blacksmith on all fours in a dog collar and on a leash.
Nale: Thog! Pack up your stuff and say goodbye to Mr. Real Blacksmith. We're going to Cliffport.
Thog: Awwww. Bye-bye, Puppy! Be good while Daddy Thog is gone!
Blacksmith: Help me.

D&D Context Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the first panel Belkar is referring to his feigned concern from the previous strip.
  • Thog's love of puppies from #51 returns in the darkest way possible at the end of this strip.
  • This is the only appearance of the real Dwarf Blacksmith, although Sabine appears Shape Changed into his (somewhat more swarthy) likeness in #134.
  • This is the first appearance of Silver, Roy's horse.

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