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Comic no. 101
Date published 6 September 2004
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"Teenage Boys Are CR 1" "Lowbrow is the Best Brow"
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Elan makes good use of his 18 Charisma.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy and Belkar are threatening the goblin
Goblin with Braces: I think what we have here is just a simple misunderstanding.

Panel 2

Roy: I don't agree. Where's Haley? Where's that little zit-faced friend of yours?
Goblin: I don't know! Honest!
Roy: Don't make me hurt you!

Panel 3

Goblin: All I know is that it seems my parents were right about you stinky humans.
Belkar: Oh, tell me about it, I've been trying to drop hints for a while now. Phew!

Panel 4

Elan: Roy, I don't think these methods are getting us anywhere. Let me talk to him, alone. I'll persuade him.
Roy: Well, you do have the highest Charisma modifier. OK, give it a shot.

Panel 5

Elan: Hi there. I wanted to bring you aside and talk to you, one on one.
Elan: See, Haley is pretty special to us, and losing her seems to have made some of us a bit crazy.

Panel 6

Elan: Now, Roy might threaten to drop you off a cliff, and Belkar might threaten to cut out your kidneys...
Elan: (Actually, he might do that even if you cooperate.)

Panel 7

Elan: But me, I have a different method of persuasion. Tell us what we need to know OR—
Goblin: Do your worst!

Panel 8

Elan: —I'll cry.
Goblin: ...What?

Panel 9

Elan: You heard me. I'll start bawling like a toddler who dropped their ice cream on the sidewalk. In front of your friends, your teachers, any girls you like. And I'll tell them it's because YOU won't be my friend.

Panel 10

Goblin: You wouldn't.
Elan: I think I'm misting up already.

Panel 11

Elan: Okay, so, he wasn't in on Zit Boy's plan but he thinks he would've brought Haley right to Xykon. And he's provided me with detailed directions there too.
Roy: Wow, I'm impressed. You must have been really scary.

Panel 12

Roy: Well, we've been looking for Xykon for all this time, but now, Haley's life depends on it.
Roy: To Xykon!
Elan, Vaarsuvius, and Durkon: To Xykon!

Panel 13

Belkar: You guys go ahead, I'm just going to harvest his kidneys and I'll catch up.
Roy (off-panel): Belkar!!
Belkar: Ugh, you dorks are completely cramping my style.

D&D Context Edit

  • Bluff and Intimidate skill checks rely on the Charisma modifier. Elan is known to have 18 charisma, the highest in the group.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of the Teenage Goblin with Braces. He first appeared in #93.

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