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20px-Cquote1.png Living or dead, we are all of us marching to our orders- you no less than I, Durkon. It does not matter whence these orders come, whether it be man or god. Our place is as an obedient slave to those who command us. 20px-Cquote2.png
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Comic 718

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Comic 906

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Lizardfolk (Vampire)



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Empire of Blood
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Lawful Evil

Malack was an albino (vampiriclizardfolk cleric of Nergal who served as minister, high priest and spiritual adviser for the Empress of Blood. Nergal is a lion-headed God of Death and Destruction, from the Western Pantheon.

Malack knew a Protection from Sunlight spell that allowed him to ignore the toxic effect sunlight has on vampires, and another spell that speeds the gestation time for corpses killed in such a way as to create vampires. He also carried a staff enchanted with various spells, including the latter. The staff also includes a spell to create undead, which Malack knew but did not like to use, as well as the Protection From Sunlight Spell, in case he needed to cast it more times that he had prepared for that day.


Little is known about the character, but when he was alive 200 years ago, he was a shaman of a barbaric tribe. He had 7 brothers and when he became a vampire he drank their blood. He adopted the name Malack after he became a vampire.

He was a friend of Tarquin; Tarquin even describes Malack as his best friend. Years later they met again in the Western Continent and worked as mercenaries together. With the help of Tarquin and his son Nale, they established the Empire of Blood.

As did most of Tarquin's team, Malack loathed Nale for attempting to overthrow the Empress and also for killing three of Malack's children. However, Nale later revealed the secret of the Gates to Tarquin and Malack, who believed they can weaponize them due to Nale's (flawed) assumption that Xykon wouldn't unleash them unless they were controllable. Tarquin and Malack then joined the Linear Guild, hoping to find and control the Gate guarded by the Draketooth clan.

Chancellor Kilkil brought Elan to him to be healed before being brought before the Empress of Blood.

Haley noticed that Malack was one of the real powers behind the Empress (mostly since the Empress is a bloated, fat idiot). She finds out later that Tarquin and Malack have together been running the Empire of Blood since its inception, and indeed similar kingdoms in the same area (such as Tyrinaria) for many years before that.

As he was negotiating with the bounty hunters, Elan and Haley managed to rescue V and left. Malack cast Blade Barrier, but it didn't stop the trio. However it did stop the bounty hunters who tried to go after them.

When healing V, Malack asked if V's "[genre-savvy member of Tarquin's family] was always like this." V confirmed that Elan was just as bad.

Malack was a friend of Durkon Thundershield on Macebook.

He was also known to be finicky about his food, and not to be willing to consume the food he prefers in front of others. He also was known to drink bloodwart tea, a mixture of blood and warts scrounged from the various executed individuals of the Empire of Blood, which he uses to survive/remain undead.

He bonded well with Durkon, and seemed to enjoy discussing various matters, including religion, with him. He insisted on fighting Durkon himself when he joined the Linear Guild, with the intention of sparing Durkon's life. He also recently encountered and attacked Belkar Bitterleaf. He sought to end Belkar's life, only to reconsider. He then stated that he desired more children, and bit Belkar, drawing blood. While this was going on, Mr. Scruffy was desperately attacking with intent to save Belkar. Malack showed no pain, despite not being visibly protected magically, due to his vampiric damage reduction.

However, Malack's scheme was cut short when Durkon found the two and cast Mass Death Ward on Belkar, rendering him temporarily immune to Malack's level drain, and thus Create Spawn ability. While Durkon felt betrayed because of Malack concealing his undead condition, Malack himself did not see it a lie, merely concealing the truth (and thought the symptoms of his vampirism were obvious). After a short attempt at negotiation (and a short battle) Malack grabbed Durkon in fury, dispelled his Mass Death Ward, and killed him by biting him. Durkon however was not as upset exclaiming that he "gets ta go home," referencing the prophecy made by the Oracle that Durkon will return to his homeland posthumously. He later reunited with the rest of the Guild with Durkon's new self in tow, and found the gate with Nale, though he did not realize it at the time due to Girard's final defense. When the Gate exploded, he found himself outside, protected from the sun only by his abjuration.

While the Guild was watching the Order face off against the various summons the evil characters had sent at them (Redcloak's elemental, Durkon's devil, and Zz'dtri's daemon) Nale, without warning, grabbed Malack's staff and hurled it into the distance. Zz'dtri then dispelled the Protection from Sunlight abjuration, which Malack had prepared and cast twice that day. Malack sent Durkon to retrieve the staff, which he can use to cast it again, while Malack attempted to kill Nale for this betrayal using Slay Living. However, Nale revealed that he carried Negative Energy Protection Potions in bulk to withstand Sabine's kisses, and that he had already drunk one. Malack then evaporated scant seconds before Durkon arrives with the staff, freeing Durkon from his thralldom and leaving Tarquin alone to rule over the Empire Of Blood.

Durkon ended up possessed by the High Priest of Hel.


  • Though he is referred to as a lizard folk, in several scenes (such as when he was pinning Durkon, or when Nale was stripping off his cloak to burn him) show that he doesn't have any legs. It is possible that Malack is actually a yuan-ti, but that it is impossible to say so in the comic due to copyright.
  • Malack's last words were: "NEEEERGALLLL SAVE MEEEE"
  • Malack shares certain similarities with Emperor Palpatine of the Star Wars universe, as the are both pale, cloaked figures, both command an empire (though whilst Palpatine is the undisputed ruler, Malack manipulates the rather stupid Empress) and both command dark powers which some consider "unnatural".

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