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Love At First Sight
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 187
Date published 30 May 2005
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"Return of the Elf" "A Matter of Perspective"
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Roy witnesses Haley's maternal instincts.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Roy and Haley are walking through very shallow water.
Roy: Well?
Haley: I've searched all of the cave walls and found no secret doors that might lead to either the dragon's hoard or the starmetal.

Panel 2

With a "SPLOOSH!!!", Haley disappears from view beneath the water.

Panel 3

Haley resurfaces.
Haley: I would like to revise my earlier report.

Panel 4

Haley: I think I've found some kind of underwater tunnel here.
Roy: Bet you 10 gold pieces it leads to the treasure.
Haley: You're on.

Panel 5

Haley and Roy swim through the underwater tunnel...

Panel 6

...and surface at the other end.

Panel 7

Before them is a gigantic pile of gold and jewels.
Roy: Wow, that's a lot of—
Haley: No talk! Ruining the moment.

Panel 8

Roy: Well, not that it matters, but I guess you owe me 10 gold pieces.

Panel 9

Haley runs over and hugs the hoard of treasure.
Haley: What's that, dragon's hoard?
Haley: Oh, I know you're so cold and lonely in this dark cave. But Mommy is here now!
Haley: She'll take such good care of you, her little children.

D&D Context Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to the letter from Miron Shewdanker in #131, Haley needs 200,000 gp to free her father. This hoard (divided six ways), plus her double share of Xykon's loot from #129 leaves her still well short of that goal, though it is unclear how much treasure she acquired in the Dungeon of Dorukan (where she avoided splitting the loot in #29) and any other wealth she may have previously acquired, such as her mother's smooth round flawless gems from #123. We also know from #130 that she owns eight bags of holding, which could carry quite a lot of loot.

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