Long Tail of the Law
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 731
Date published 28 June 2010
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"Brunchroom Brawl" "The Papers Chase"
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The authorities arrive to break up the fight, and take Roy, Belkar, Gannji, and Enor away in chains.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Three city guard and a guard officer enter the brunchroom.
Officer: ON THE FLOOR!
Officer: NOW!
Belkar: Crap, it's the fuzz!
Enor: How can you tell? You all seem sorta fuzzy to me.

Panel 2

Roy: Belkar, just lay down. Don't resist.
Belkar: Yeah, 'cause I've never been through a police raid before. I know the protocol, thanks.

Panel 3

Lizard Guard: All combatants subdued, sir.
Officer: Can you tell me who started this brawl?
Barkeeper: It were the big blue dragon. Him and the skinny lizardfolk attacked that human.
Human Guard: Get up, worms! You like to fight so much, we'll find a battle for you!
Gannji: Yes, OK, yes, but we have permits for lethal violence related to an approved bounty.

Panel 4

Officer: A bounty? Is the human a fugitive?
Gannji: No, but we brought three others to the palace this morning. We were defending ourselves against a related retributive act.

Panel 5

Human Police handcuffs Gannji.
Human Guard: You'll have to come to the courthouse until we can confirm.
Gannji: Uh, sure. A flying kobold named Kilkil handled our paperwork up at the palace. It was two humans and an elf.

Panel 6

Lizard Guard: Everyone else is free to go—
Belkar: Sweet!
Lizard Police: —after we see you papers.
Roy: ...
Roy: Uh oh.
All other patrons have their papers ready.

Panel 7

Roy: Which, uh... which papers do you mean?
Lizard Guard: Citizenship papers. Or entry papers, if you're not a resident.
Lizard Guard: Anything with your Denizen Number on it, really.
Roy: And...if we don't have any papers?

Panel 8

Roy tries a big smile.

Panel 9

Belkar, Gannji, Enor, and Roy are chained and following the police.
Gannji: This is all your fault, really.
Roy: You know you had the wrong twin, right? I hope someone told you it was the wrong twin.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of the Brunchroom Warlock and the Brunchroom Lizardfolk Soldier. They first appeared in #728.
  • This is the final appearance of the Brunchroom Monk and Soulknife. They first appeared in #729.

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