Malack; An example of lizardfolk

"One dragon and one lizardman, just like the tracks we found."



"They're called lizardfolk now."

"Great. The lizardfolk-feminists must be so proud of you."

  Roy and Belkar


Lizardfolk are reptilian humanoids, they used to be called Lizardmen but it conflicted with the other gender. They have tails, fanged snouts and red eyes. They are mostly shades of green, but a red lizardfolk and an Albino Lizardfolk appear in OOTS.

There are what appears to be three variants or races of lizardfolk in OOTS. The crested variant, which resemble the Monster Manual variety the most and is most commonly seen on the Northern and Southern continents; the variant described as "snake face" by Haley Starshine which appears to be dominant on the Western continent; and finally a legless variant to which Malack belongs. It's unknown if all those variants are the same "race" mechanics-wise.


This is a list of known Lizardfolk:

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