This page contains a list of all the Order of the Stick comics that appear in the fourth OotS compilation book, Don't Split the Party (comics 485-672).

You can also browse by story arc.

The List Edit

No. Title Summary Publish Date
485 Hey! You! Get Off of My Cloud! Roy died, so his father torments him. 17 September 2007
486 Next on "As the Plane Turns"... Eugene tells Roy of an inconvenient truth. 19 September 2007
487 Their Concierge Service is Heavenly Roy checks in to the Celestial Realm. 21 September 2007
488 This is Your Life Roy is called to account for his decisions in life. 25 September 2007
489 Keepin' the Little Man Down Roy continues his postmortal residential status review, including the Belkar-shaped stain on his Permanent Record. 28 September 2007
490 Final Review Roy is accepted in to the Celestial Realm. 6 October 2007
491 Those Singing Lessons Cost Money, You Know Eugene gets left at the pearly gates. 10 October 2007
492 Things to Do in Heaven When You're Dead Roy sees the attractions available in Paradise. 11 October 2007
493 Led Zeppelin Lied to Us All Roy climbs the mountain on his way to his mother's house. 13 October 2007
494 DMILF Roy is reunited with his mother in the afterlife. 14 October 2007
495 (Eu)gene Therapy Roy's mom gives him some insight on his father, and on life in the afterlife. 16 October 2007
496 Responsible Roy is reunited with his little brother who died when he was a boy. 18 October 2007
497 The Grand Fighter Roy meets his grandfather. 22 October 2007
498 Gone Fishin' Roy bonds with Grandpa Greenhilt on a fishing trip and learns that time flies when you're dead. 24 October 2007
499 No Time to Lose Roy learns about Postmortem Time Disassociation Disorder. 29 October 2007
500 A Reason to Keep Trying Roy seeks his father's help in scrying on the mortal realm, but realizes he may be better off without him entirely. Eugene takes this for reverse psychology 1 November 2007
501 No Cure for the Wedding Bell Blues House D-, scratch that, House Kato is formed with the marriage of Daigo and Kazumi. 4 November 2007
502 And I-I-I-I Will Always Love You Elan in his self-appointed role as Hinjo's bodyguard tries to persuade him to return to Azure City to find Haley. 5 November 2007
503 Surreptitious Admirer Kubota is aggravated by the elevation of House Kato, and leaves Therkla to deal with Hinjo. 6 November 2007
504 That's a Surprisingly Common Reaction Vaarsuvius tries out Vaarsuvius' Enchanced Scrying. 9 November 2007
505 ...Or We Will All Stick Separately The remaining Order of the Stick discusses how they can find their lost members. And one other thing. 10 November 2007
506 Flanking Crush Elan unwittingly foils an assassination attempt. 14 November 2007
507 Fantasy Troll-Playing Game The Azurites and the Order put down the scrag attack, but fail to properly dispose of the bodies. 23 November 2007
508 Sure Beats Flatware With the trolls properly disposed of, Hinjo decides the refugees need to get off the water and avoid the "random encounters" which are decimating their ranks. 24 November 2007
509 It Has Flowers, Hearts, and a DC 30 Lock Qarr voices his suspicions about Therklas divided loyalties. 29 November 2007
510 Killer View Left out of the action on the prime material plane, Roy and Eugene turn their sights to Haley. 3 December 2007
511 Guerillas in Their Midst A blow is struck for the Azure City Resistance. 8 December 2007
512 They've Had Time to Train, Too The hobgoblins activate anti-insurgency tactics. 13 December 2007
513 Security Deposit Anti-insurgency tactics are put into effect by Team Evil's junior member. 15 December 2007
514 Elan Would Be So Proud Haley and Ismamu hide from Tsukiko and Black Squadron. Thanh, in true paladin fashion, does not retreat from the fight with the hobgoblins, leaving himself to be discovered by the wights, who engage. 20 December 2007
515 A Momentary Experience Belkar and Thanh deal with some wights, winning some experience points, and loosing some. 21 December 2007
516 Turning Azurite, I Think I'm Turning Azurite, I Really Think So Thinking Black Squadron defeated, Belkar goes to investigate a rare Spot check success while Than elects to return to base. On the way, Thanh is ambushed and Dominated by Tsukiko who introduces the metaphor that gives Boot Wight his name (and boots). 28 December 2007
517 Probably Best to Choose at Random Haley decides to save Thanh while she has the chance. 30 December 2007
518 At Least It Wasn't the Fourth Wall Again Haley faces off against Tsukiko once more. 3 January 2008
519 Nightmare on Blue Street Haley's battle with Tsukiko and Black Squadron in the warehouse takes a turn for the worse. 8 January 2008
520 The Power of Immediate Gratification Belkar comes to Haley's aid, after considering other options. 9 January 2008
521 Remorse As Haley and Belkar get a handle on Tsukiko and Black Squadron, Belkar has second thoughts about his career decision. 12 January 2008
522 We're Doomed If She Finds the Map Key Haley and Belkar escape Tsukiko through a secret door. 17 January 2008
523 Orders That Won't Stick Haley and Belkar debate the institution of slavery. 18 January 2008
524 Pretender to the Throne Haley and Belkar return to the headquarters of the Resistance and execute a scheme to release Thanh from Tsukiko's Domination. 23 January 2008
525 Look More Closelier Roy consults his father on a way to communicate with Haley from the afterlife. 26 January 2008
526 He's Just Pine-ing for the Fjords Roy descends to the Prime Material Plane to check in on Haley and his corpse. 31 January 2008
527 Pep Talk Roy and Haley have a conversation, or so Roy thinks. 4 February 2008
528 The Ghost Screamer Haley is shocked by Celia's amulet. 6 February 2008
529 The Summons Celia returns from the elemental plane of air and explains why Roy was unable to summon her when he needed to. 7 February 2008
530 Regarding the Speed With Which One Removes Band-Aids Haley and Belkar break the news about Roy to Celia. 13 February 2008
531 Wake Up Call to Action Haley and Celia plan their next move while a spectral Roy watches helplessly. Celia helps Haley makes an important realization. 19 February 2008
532 The Exposition Fairy Celia gives a lengthy exposition on the origin, effects, and current use of the epic Cloister spell. 22 February 2008
533 Open to Multiple Interpretations Haley, Celia, and Belkar help the divided factions of the Azure City Resistance unite behind a new leader as they prepare to leave the city. 24 February 2008
534 Medium Creatures Roy attempts to make contact with a medium. 1 March 2008
535 The Cat Stays in the Picture Haley gives advice to Thanh and Niu as she and Belkar leave Azure City. 2 March 2008
536 A Brief Tribute A Brief Tribute to E. Gary Gygax. 4 March 2008
537 What Do You Think Comes in a Disguise Kit, Anyway? Celia convinces Haley and Belkar to try a non-violent approach. 7 March 2008
538 Fiend or Foe? Celia executes her plan to sneak by the hobgoblin guards on the mining path. 8 March 2008
539 Well There is That "Saint" Prestige Class Belkar acquires a donkey from a hapless gnome. 14 March 2008
540 Melts in Your Mouth, Not on Your Alignment Haley and Celia attempt to deal with Belkar's morality. 17 March 2008
541 He's a Gamblin'...Thing We learn what Team Evil gets up to in their spare time. 19 March 2008
542 In Azure City, Shark Jumps You! This is the comic that gave O-Chul the Chuck-Norris-Extreme status. 24 March 2008
543 Shhh! Principal's Coming! Redcloak tries to keep the plan on track despite Xykon's boredom. 29 March 2008
544 A Lot at Stake Redcloak begins his interrogation of O-Chul. 4 April 2008
545 Someone Should be Wearing Safety Goggles O-Chul tries to lie, but he used Charisma as his dump stat. 5 April 2008
546 O-Chul's Razor Redcloak continues his interrogation of O-Chul, and the two disagree over the simplest explanation. 6 April 2008
547 Endurance Feat Redcloak spares the prisoners, but his P.R. attempt backfires. 8 April 2008
548 His Most Despicable Act Yet We get a glimpse of exactly to what depths Xykon will sink. 11 April 2008
549 Grueling Ordeal O-Chul and the Monster in the Darkness bond over beef stew and gruel. 16 April 2008
550 +1 BFF O-Chul becomes the Monster in the Darkness's friend. 19 April 2008
551 Slow and Steady, My Ass! One of few comics that is light on text. Graphically, it has a nicely done crescendo from silence to a massive pursuit. 25 April 2008
552 And Yet the Turtle Got Away on His Own Elan's illusion saves he day. (Surprisingly.) 28 April 2008
553 Diplomacy is a Beach The orcs choose Banjo as their new god. 30 April 2008
554 You're No Help at All Failing to enlist the aid of an increasingly haggard Vaarsuvius, Elan, Durkon, and Daigo resolve to save Banjo (and Lien) themselves. 5 May 2008
555 Half-Dragons Are Even Worse The orc's behaviour explained. 8 May 2008
556 Nuthin' But Net The rescue party is captured. 13 May 2008
557 The Puppet Mistress Therkla pulls Banjo's strings to prevent Elan's sacrifice. 17 May 2008
558 Sort of Like a Reverse Psion Elan speaks as the prophet of Banjo and convinces the orcs to release the other prisoners. 20 May 2008
559 An Introduction to Comparative Theology Qarr takes matters into his own hands. 24 May 2008
560 Meanwhile, His Teammate Was in Rhodes Therkla guides the group through a tunnel to the beach. Meanwhile, Lien expresses her suspicions towards Therkla. 29 May 2008
561 Pop Idolatry Elan accommodates the orcs by providing them a new god. 31 May 2008
562 Heroic Fantasy Therkla turns the tables on Qarr's attempt to rat her out. 6 June 2008
563 Air Mail The party regroups aboard Hinjo's junk and Vaarsuvius makes a nearly successful attempt at contacting Haley. 8 June 2008
564 It's What's For Dinner Haley realizes there is a closer place to find a spellcaster than Cliffport. 12 June 2008
565 The Test of the Memory The classic "You meet a truth say-er and liar", however... liar? Well, at least always speaking the opposite of what would be logical. 12 June 2008
566 One for the FAQ The oracle explains the origin of his power of prophesy. 15 June 2008
567 The Simplest Explanation Belkar calls out the Oracle on his questionable interpretation of the fulfillment of his prophesy. 17 June 2008
568 A Sign That You Have a Problem Belkar comes to the startling realization that the Oracle foresaw his own death. 17 June 2008
569 Justice Can Be a Messy Business Belkar experiences the effects of transgressing the Greater Mark of Justice. 22 June 2008
570 Clean Slate Angry about his handling of the Oracle, Haley revokes Belkar's membership in the Order of the Stick. But then they pass the Memory Charm and all is forgotten. 24 June 2008
571 Return Engagement The Oracle's contingency plan comes into effect, and Roy discovers that the Oracle can see and hear him. 25 June 2008
572 The Resistance of Memory Roy and the Oracle discuss Belkar's fate before Roy is Dismissed. However the Dismissal bypasses the memory charm. Roy remembers everything. 27 June 2008
573 Slumber Party Celia goes Greysky City. 7 July 2008
574 A Seller's Market Celia enters Greysky City, and naively assumes good motives on the part of the locals. She learns of Hieronymus Grubwiggler whom she assumes is a cleric. 13 July 2008
575 I Think They're in One of the Rulebooks, Right? Celia delivers Roy's body to Hieronymous Grubwiggler. 15 July 2008
576 Construction Workers Grubwiggler re-animates Roy as a bone golem. Celia objects to what he has done to Roy, prompting him to take her prisoner and exact his fee in flesh. 17 July 2008
577 You Can Take the Rogue Out of the City... Haley arrives in the nick of time to save Celia. 22 July 2008
578 A Slick Getaway Haley and Celia's escape is lubricated by Belkar's vomit. 26 July 2008
579 What They Need is a Writ of Habeas Corpus Haley learns what happened to Roy and they formulate a new plan to get his body back. 30 July 2008
580 Hey, I Need to Sell Them Somehow Grubwiggler puts in a complaint to the Thieves Guild and Rich puts in a plug for his prequel comic. 1 August 2008
581 A Sight for Sore Eyes With Crystal set loose to assassinate her, Haley seeks refuge with an old friend of the family. 5 August 2008
582 Moonlight Rendezvous Therkla reveals her feelings for Elan, who tells her he already has a girlfriend. Elan relents to a date after being physically threatened. 9 August 2008
583 Love's Sweet Sting Qarr interrupts Therkla and reveals her assignment to kill Elan, but Therkla changes sides just before Hinjo, Durkon and Lien reveal they have been there all along. 11 August 2008
584 Improbable Causes Qarr pulls off the highly improbable feat of summoning a Pit Fiend to his aid. 13 August 2008
585 Immaterial Components Qarr sets the pit fiend on the party, and Vaarsuvius decides to take it on alone. 17 August 2008
586 No Encounter is an Island Unto Itself With the pit fiend occupying Hinjo and the Azurites, Elan and Therkla rush back to the fleet to thwart Kubota's plans. 21 August 2008
587 What to Expect When You're Expecting Assassins Kubota's ninjas move against their tertiary targets. 23 August 2008
588 His Name Probably Helps, Too Hinjo and Argent strike a blow against the pit fiend. 28 August 2008
589 Entrance Qualifications Elan and Therkla arrive in the nick of time to save Daigo and Kazumi. 4 September 2008
590 Role Reversal (590) It's a big day for gender equality all around. 6 September 2008
591 Antipathy for the Devil Vaarsuvius dispatches the pit fiend with an assist from Durkon. 13 September 2008
592 Stuck in the Middle Therkla faces the "hero's choice" and chooses option "C". 16 September 2008
593 Another Choice Therkla dies. 18 September 2008
594 Rock the Boat Kubota surrenders. 20 September 2008
595 Trial of the Century The trial of the century ends rather briefly. 22 September 2008
596 Convenience Story Vaarsuvius shows a tenuous grasp of ethics and Elan demonstrates sarcasm. 24 September 2008
597 Threat Assessment Elan risks becoming a distraction to Vaarsuvius's research. 29 September 2008
598 To Say a Few Words Elan lays Therkla to rest. 3 October 2008
599 Separate Ways Vaarsuvius departs, Elan lies to Hinjo, and Qarr sees an opportunity. 8 October 2008
600 Headed Down It's the six hundredth comic and they're Heading Down... 14 October 2008
601 She Obviously Doesn't Have the Endurance Feet Eugene fills Roy in on what has been going on with his body down in Greysky City. 17 October 2008
602 Clerical Temp Haley enlists the aid of a cleric of Loki. From him they learn that Belkar has activated his Greater Mark of Justice, and he agrees to send a message to Durkon. Meanwhile Old Blind Pete is busy selling them out for a new pair of eyes. 21 October 2008
603 Familiarity Breeds Piercing Damage Haley sets the cleric to sending a message to Durkon and then sets herself to killing rogues. 23 October 2008
604 Bailout Plan Haley runs into resistance from the Thieves Guild. Celia plays on the rogue's greed to distract them. 31 October 2008
605 Return of the King The start of Belkar's Vision. 6 November 2008
606 The Philosophy of Chaos Belkar's Vision in full swing. And Rich is really enjoying himself artistically... 11 November 2008
607 Gherkin Her Chain Crystal finds Haley's weakness... or at least thinks she does. 15 November 2008
608 Mean Girls Haley and Crystal recall their first meeting while fighting. 18 November 2008
609 It Takes TWO Thieves, Actually Haley runs away from Crystal, but is confronted by Bozzok. 20 November 2008
610 You're It Tension! Tension! Four scenes nicely interwoven: Roy/Celia, Crystal/Haley, Shojo/Belkar, Belkar/Cleric of Loki! 21 November 2008
611 None Left Standing The all-new curse-free and enlightened Belkar goes on a killing spree. 23 November 2008
612 Technically, the "Fish" Version is a Subset of This One Old Blind Pete contemplates a new nickname. 1 December 2008
613 I Need a Hero The heroes come to Haley's rescue. 6 December 2008
614 A Cut Above Haley seeks out a new weapon from the stash of Eagle-Eyed Pete. 9 December 2008
615 It's a Real Life-Saver Haley gets back into the action with a new bow. 11 December 2008
616 An Opponent or Rival Whom a Person Cannot Overcome Belkar disables Crystal but doesn't kill-steal. 13 December 2008
617 Power Meeting Celia finally finds herself in a situation where she can bring her abilities to bear against the Guild. 18 December 2008
618 Flank Cut Haley's increased combat effectiveness stymies Bozzok's attempt to flank her. 27 December 2008
619 Wow, That's a Spicy Meatball! Haley contemplates whether or not to execute Bozzok. 1 January 2009
620 Probably About an "8" Haley agrees to the deal with the Guild despite Belkar's approval. 7 January 2009
621 At Least There Weren't Any Cryptograms Haley learns the details of the plan that Celia and Hank worked out. 9 January 2009
622 Don't Hate the Player Character... Belkar enjoys life on his terms. Haley deals with the aftermath of her dispute with the Guild. 13 January 2009
623 Running Away Vaarsuvius's nightmare. 17 January 2009
624 This Happens to Telemarketers All the Time Qarr interrupts Vaarsuvius' work. 23 January 2009
625 Bargain Hunter Qarr returns to try to make a deal with Vaarsuvius. 25 January 2009
626 Good to the Last Drip A new adversary makes itself known. 27 January 2009
627 Power Outage Vaarsuvius battles the black dragon. 28 January 2009
628 Every Parent's Worst Nightmare The Ancient Black Dragon airs her grievance. 1 February 2009
629 One Chance The Ancient Black Dragon explains her plans to murder Vaarsuvius' family as vengeance for the destruction of her own child. 6 February 2009
630 Shoot the Messenger Qarr and Vaarsuvius discuss options to intercept the dragon. 11 February 2009
631 Who Doesn't Get Ten of These a Week? Vaarsuvius resorts to asking Qarr for a Faustian bargain to save his mate. 13 February 2009
632 My Three Fiends Vaarsuvius meets the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission. 17 February 2009
633 Where Do You See Yourself in Five Million Years? The three fiends offer a Soul Splice to Vaarsuvius. 22 February 2009
634 The Wrong Reasons V makes a deal with the devil... 3 devils, actually. 1 March 2009
635 I See a Red Robe and I Want to Paint it Black Vaarsuvius gets spliced and gains the "benefit" of an evil chorus. 3 March 2009
636 Shattered, Shattered Vaarsuvius arrives and begins her battle with the mother dragon. 11 March 2009
637 It Only Shows Reality Programming Qarr confronts the IFCC, they were more interested in Vaarsuvius than they admitted. 13 March 2009
638 A Dragon's Victory V uses numerous spells, 8 attacks in a round, and internal shredding to beat the Black Dragon. 17 March 2009
639 If They Pull a Knife... Vaarsuvius eradicated a quarter of all black dragons. 20 March 2009
640 Madness Vaarsuvius explains the magnitude of the vengeance which has been wreaked upon the Ancient Black Dragon. 26 March 2009
641 For Every Action Vaarsuvius' actions have immediate consequences for his or her relationship with his or her mate. 29 March 2009
642 Choice Inkyrius questions Vaarsuvius' motives for retaining the Soul Splice any longer. 1 April 2009
643 A Wizard Did It Vaarsuvius wishes to display the power of the soul splice to the rest of the party and effortlessly gives the Azurites a new home. Kazumi makes determining Haley's locations unnecessary. 4 April 2009
644 An Unsung Legend A tribute to Dave Arneson. 9 April 2009
645 It's Where the Cool Kids Swim Vaarsuvius reunites with Haley in Cliffport. 16 April 2009
646 ...And It Feels So Good The Order is reunited without any help from V. 19 April 2009
647 Be Prepared Elan and Durkon explain their arrival. 22 April 2009
648 A Dish Best Served With +1d6 Cold Damage Haley settles things with Crystal before leaving. 27 April 2009
649 It's a Shame She Didn't Grab That Script While She Was There Haley climbs some meta-walls to get the material component for Resurrection. 29 April 2009
650 A Lot Can Happen in Ten Minutes Too impatient to wait for Roy's resurrection, Vaarsuvius decides to take on Xykon alone. 3 May 2009
651 Two Eyes in the Dark O-Chul educates the Monster in the Darkness with a game of Go. 6 May 2009
652 No Respect for the Wicked Vaarsuvius commences battle with Xykon. 10 May 2009
653 Fun While It Lasted Vaarsuvius is defeated by Xykon, and the Soul Splice ends. 13 May 2009
654 Cages (Steel and Otherwise) O-Chul escapes from his cage. 18 May 2009
655 With a Critical Eye Redcloak loses his right eye. 20 May 2009
656 It Probably Squeaks, Too O-Chul kills Jirix but fails to destroy Xykon's phylactery. 26 May 2009
657 Second Chance Xykon explains the true nature of power and catches Vaarsuvius. 29 May 2009
658 A Bird in Hand O-Chul saves Vaarsuvius from Xykon by stealing back the phylactery. Already assuming their deaths, they contemplate a final chance to destroy Xykon. 1 June 2009
659 Flight of the Phylactery Vaarsuvius and O-Chul use Vaarsuvius's familiar, Blackwing, in an attempt to destroy Xykon's phylactery in the Snarl's rift. 6 June 2009
660 Lucky Breaks Xykon's phylactery is lost in Azure City's sewer system. 8 June 2009
661 The Path of Least Expectation The Monster In The Darkness teleports Vaarsuvius and O-Chul to safety by unknown means. 9 June 2009
662 The Price is Right Xykon won't let Redcloak regenerate his eye. 13 June 2009
663 Or Mention That He's Getting Too Old for This O-Chul and Vaarsuvius port onto the island where the order is raising Roy. They also run into Hinjo and Lien on the way. They then all give a vague recap of events since they last met. 15 June 2009
664 Down to Earth Roy's soul leaves the afterlife. 24 June 2009
665 In the Flesh Roy is restored to life. 25 June 2009
666 But Seriously, She Won't Roy and Haley discuss their situation and Belkar's imediate future. 29 June 2009
667 Mending Wounds Vaarsuvius and Durkon discuss Vaarsuvius's recent actions. 2 July 2009
668 Moving the Pieces The fiends discuss their future plans. 9 July 2009
669 Logical Conclusions Celia and Roy share a philosophical moment. 16 July 2009
670 The War Council The heroes now have the initiative and are ready to counter-attack Xykon. 24 July 2009
671 Also, She Needs Her Clothes Back Now The Order and the Azurites say their farewells. 29 July 2009
672 A Familiar Conclusion As the Order of the Stick sets sail for the Western Continent, Blackwing reveals what he saw in the rift. 8 August 2009

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