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This page contains a list of all the Order of the Stick comics that will appear in the fifth OotS compilation, Blood Runs in the Family (comics 673-946).

The List Edit

No. Title Summary Publish Date
673 Too Slow Haley puts her talents to good use. 31 August 2009
674 The Elf Who Cried Raven Vaarsuvius tries to get the other members of the Order to acknowledge Blackwing's existence. 2 September 2009
675 It Costs an Armor Leg Elan demonstrates his skill at haggling. 4 September 2009
676 There's More Than One Way to Fail a Listen Check Belkar is of no help whatsoever. 8 September 2009
677 This Never Happens to Jiminy Cricket Vaarsuvius and Blackwing's shopping doesn't go so well once a wizard levels V's pride. 11 September 2009
678 First Step in the Process After attacking the wizard, Vaarsuvius learns his/her mate has ordered a divorce and full custody of the kids. 13 September 2009
679 Oh, Right, That Other Problem... Vaarsuvius accepts his/her mates wishes of divorce, after Blackwing explains part of the problem why his/her mate divorced him/her. 17 September 2009
680 That's Why It's Called a Running Gag Haley and Elan try to search for Haley's father with a map at the cartograher's tent. 21 September 2009
681 All in the Family Haley reveals to Elan why she must keep her quest to find her father from the rest of the party. 23 September 2009
682 Plus, He Probably Spits, Too Belkar stops Durkon from fighting the tree giving Roy a cleric and Elan a camel. 1 October 2009
683 Whatever You Do, Don't Oscillate The Order starts their journey, but encounters a random encounter. 6 October 2009
684 V Was Only Waiting for This Moment to Arise Vaarsuvius casts enchantments on all of the party members but casts a spell at slavers to keep his/her sanity from Elan's song. 9 October 2009
685 On Friendship During the defense, Belkar re-meets with his friend Buggy Lou, who's apparently the leader of the slavers, but kills Lou once he tries to keep Mr. Scuffy as an afternoon snack. 10 October 2009
686 Also, At Lower Altitude Roy reveals to Haley what he learned about jumping on moving monsters. 19 October 2009
687 Actually, That's Probably You The party is rewarded for their efforts during their defense against the slavers. 24 October 2009
688 The Comics Must Flow Belkar's gift attracts a giant sandworm. 5 November 2009
689 Live Bait Vaarsuvius charms the giant sandworm and the party decides to use Belkar as live bait. 9 November 2009
690 Riders on the Worm The party rides the sandworm as Roy wonders why Elan and Haley aren't with the rest of the party. 11 November 2009
691 All Available Resources There is an 80% chance that Elan will trip over something while scouting around. 28 November 2009
692 Searchin' Elan reveals you can't have a good montage scene without an 80s style ballad in the background. 29 November 2009
693 Tragically, His Arms Would Be Too Short for the Lute Girards spell is triggered. "Keywords accepted..." 10 December 2009
694 Poor Coordination Girards message to Soon. 14 December 2009
695 Paranoia Will Destroy Ya Girard about betting. The Boooom. 16 December 2009
696 Still a Long Way to Go Everyone survived the explosion. Elan writes a message for Girard in the sand. 28 December 2009
697 Stuck in the Sand Trap Discussions. Oots hope Girard will see their message. 02 January 2010
698 Stopping for Direction Oots discussing where to look for Girard. Someone is scrying nearby. 10 January 2010
699 Escape Clause MITD trying to teleport someone again. 17 January 2010
700 They Would Likely Both Disagree with That Sentiment MITD asks Tsukiko help to find his friend.Tsukiko is busy analysing some ritual. 19 January 2010
701 Curtains for You Redcloak, Jirix and MITD preparing for a speech to thousands of goblins. 27 January 2010
702 One for the History Books Azure city renamed gobbotopia. 31 January 2010
703 Meet the New Boss Jirix installed as prime minister. Redcloak announces he will be away for a long time. 12 February 2010
704 Dead Men Give No Speeches Jirix talks about meeting the Dark One in the after life. 21 February 2010
705 Those Don't Take Over Until the Graveyard Shift Elf Invaders and Resistance prepare attack on prison. 4 March 2010

He's Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today

Prison is attacked by Pro elves. All goblin "Dancing Light" alarm casts fail. 12 March 2010
707 That's Probably Why There Are, Like, 17 Types Goblin prisoner is executed by elf captain. 20 March 2010
708 An Animated Discussion Tsukiko and Redcloak discuss using slain goblins to create undead 22 March 2010
709 No Scry Zone Tsukiko informs MITD O'Chul is unscryable due to cloister 24 March 2010
710 Does He Get XP for Their Buzz? Elan tries to manipulate adverturers in telling they saw Girard's group. No success. 27 March 2010
711 The Rouge's Guild For Haley "Thieves and Robbers" means a recommendation. 30 March 2010
712 Neutralize Elf Elan, Haley and Vaarsuvius are ambushed. 6 April 2010
713 Oh, Right. That. Enor becomes a bit less dangerous, but then Gannji enters. 9 April 2010
714 This Whole Time, He'd Thought of It as the Snack That Got Away Enor and Gannji win and are going to teleport away, taking Elan and V with them. 10 April 2010
715 Wanted Enor and Gannji are revealed to be bountyhunters, assuming to collect Nale, some unidentified elf wizard and maybe Sabine. 16 April 2010
716 She Didn't Miss The bountyhunters do teleport away, taking Haley too. 18 April 2010
717 No Incarceration Without Compensation The empress of Blood seems very lawful. A twin-excuse is used a lot. 21 April 2010
718 Spring Break Never Dies The bounty hunters deliver. Minister Malack rejoices. 27 April 2010
719 Seat of Power Meet the Empress. 4 May 2010
720 Breakfast of Champions (720) Elan manages to persuade Malack he is of no use. The Empress is hungry. 6 May 2010
721 Pain Threshold Vaarsuvius and Haley, carrying V, escape through a blade barrier. 8 May 2010
722 Block and Tackle Haley gets separated, Elan and Vaarsuvius recaptured. 11 May 2010
723 Generally Relative Elan's Father Reveals himself. 13 May 2010
724 It IS Fairly Spicy, However A bit of background 17 May 2010
725 The Significantly-More-Secret Origin of Tarquin and Nale Inheritance 20 May 2010
726 Mammals Can't Seem to Get Enough of Those Things Dinosaurs 27 May 2010
727 And It Will Never Work Again No Dinosaurs. A promise of Girard... 1 June 2010
728 The Price of Yummies Gannji, Enor, Roy and Belkar in the same tavern... 10 June 2010
729 No Real Shocker Roy and Belkar working together (eh... not). 16 June 2010
730 Brunchroom Brawl Eight man fight. 25 June 2010
731 Long Tail of the Law Enor, Gannji, Roy and Belkar are arrested. 28 June 2010
732 The Papers Chase Durkon 2 July 2010
733 Collect Call Wrong Cell 7 July 2010
734 Maybe He Can Get Credit for Time Served Mr. Jones and Rodriguez appear again. 10 July 2010
735 Of Clerks and Clerics Durkon and Malack go along nicely. Tarquin gets Gannji. 14 July 2010
736 Do You Like Comics About Gladiators? The Gladiator Trainer reviews the script 19 July 2010
737 Comparative Mythology Malack and Durkon drinking tea 24 July 2010
738 Pooling Resources Cooperation failed. 28 July 2010
739 A New Friend Durkon and Malack part ways. Durkon acts clumsy yet Malack remains very nice. 31 July 2010
740 The Great(ish) Escape Durkon, Haley and Elan reunite. 2 August 2010
741 Scheduling Conflict Roy calls his rescue off. Oops. 4 August 2010
742 Monkey Do We get to know Tarquin better. 15 August 2010
743 Dinner Conversion Haley converts. 18 August 2010
744 A Tale of Two Suppers Haley reveals a few unknown things about Thor. 29 August 2010
745 It Does Beat Scissors Belkars helps maintain the structure of civilization. 7 September 2010
746 Ask Your Grandparents Some elder explain how to survive. 12 September 2010
747 Make It Three, Just to Be Safe Tarquin- good or bad. 16 September 2010
748 Top of the List Roy and Belkar scheduled 25 September 2010
749 Savings and Trust Haley sorta makes up with Elan, but is planning something. 1 October 2010
750 Making Up for Lost Time Doublewide page. Lots of simultaneous stories. 13 October 2010
751 Tree is Within 10-ft. Radius of Apple Elan and Tarquin talk. 16 October 2010
752 Picking Locks Haley overdoes her hairdo 18 October 2010
753 Slash Attack Roy x Tarquin? 20 October 2010
754 Maybe She Ate a Zeppelin Haley's hair is back to normal. 25 October 2010
755 Brought to You By Mace-y's The parade 3 November 2010
756 He Sure Dodged an Arrow There Tarquin is ambushed 7 November 2010
757 Something Blue Marriage Proposal 9 November 2010
758 Spins of the Father Showdown except... what's the plan for Elan? 16 November 2010
759 Yes, Apparently Tarquin expects to outbluff Elan and manage to keep doing his things and be loved by Elan. He nearly manages. 19 November 2010
760 Realizations & Rationalizations About the Elan/Tarquin/Nale family. 21 November 2010
761 Advanced (S)wordplay Punic war. 23 November 2010
762 Just Trying to Help Tarquin is a gracious winner... maybe TOO gracious. 29 November 2010
763 Plotting Something Tarquin explains to Elan his vision of their shared father-son plot. 01 December 2010
764 Small Talk Malack makes small talk, averting a recap. 09 December 2010
765 The Love of Money Haley plans to rescue her father. 19 December 2010
766 Breaking In is Hard to Do While sneaking to the prision, Elan once again blows their cover by shouting his sneak results. Although Haley bluffs the guards into thinking that they're surprise inspectors, Tarquin once again proves his saviness via manuals to subvert all of the classic "guard" cliches. 28 December 2010
767 And Yes, There is a Santa Claus Haley uses Elan's Potion of Glibness +30 to great effect. 07 January 2011
768 +2 Embracers Haley and her father are finally reunited. 14 January 2011
769 Because Really, That Would Be Less Improbable Haley's father assumes that Haley was the master manipulator who arranged for his rescue...which makes for a better explanation than the truth of sheer coincidence. 24 January 2011
770 Hard Time Haley's dad explains how and why he ended up stuck in Tarquin's prison for so long. 26 January 2011
771 Also, "Chib" Would Have Been Acceptable Roy once again resolves a comedic misunderstanding with violence. 28 January 2011
772 Haley's Commitment Haley's father decisively refuses to trust Haley's love for Elan. 31 January 2011
773 Never Mind, She'd Need a Better Bow to Use It Roy tells Haley that she was right not to tell him about her father being held for ransom. 02 February 2011
774 Telling Lies Haley leaves her dad behind, but not before using the Potion of Glibness to tell a white lie. 08 February 2011
775 Welcome to the Arena Elan's aesthetic sensibilities are mortally wounded by the arena pre-game show. 10 February 2011
776 A Sombering Oration Elan once again demonstrates his deeply underwhelming talent for inspirational speaking. 16 February 2011
777 Under the Arena Gannji pumps up Enor's morale with the aid of a handy prop. 22 February 2011
778 Nitpick Your Battles An intricate debate about proper gladiatorial gesture conventions gets settled by means of dinosaur. 26 February 2011
779 They Follow His Lead Belkar meets his arena-opponent-to-be, a self-righteous avenger type, and reminisces about his lost lead sheet. But Niu and Thanh are still putting the lead sheet to good use. 06 March 2011
780 The Duel Everyone's Been Waiting For Terrible, horrible, grisly, no good, very bad blood sport deathmatch between... Mr. Scruffy... and a 1st level Commoner. 11 March 2011
781 Companions A touching scene of a halfling and his cat parting company... not goodbye, just au revoir. 15 March 2011
782 Not Yet Met His Match Instead of fighting Enor, Roy finds out that he, as #1 seed, gets to fight The Champion. Enor, the #2 seed, gets to fight the #3 seed...Gannji. 21 March 2011
783 Cold Blooded Enor and Gannji take too long trying to talk out a plan, and Elan pleads with Tarquin to "just end it", so Tarquin ends it... via crossbow barrage. 23 March 2011
784 Unexpected Enor and Gannji are saved by an ALLOSAURUS RAMPAGE, courtesy of Belkar picking the lock on the dino cage. 28 March 2011
785 The Cost of Freedom Tarquin remains even-tempered about Enor and Gannji's escape by looking at the larger financial picture. 06 April 2011
786 One Step Worse Than "Diminutively" Belkar finds himself trying to cover up a *good* deed for a change. 11 April 2011
787 No Time for Losers When Roy hears that the gladiatorial champion was imprisoned for a trivial crime, Roy refuses to fight... until The Champion is revealed to be... THOG. 15 April 2011
788 A Vexation Or Irritation Roy interrogates Thog about Thog's long history of murdering and killing. Unsurprisingly, Thog does not exhibit a great deal of remorse or even awareness of his deeds. 18 April 2011
789 Also, His Popularity Has Waned Another member of the Linear Guild attacks. 27 April 2011
790 Unfamiliar V sends Elan to warn Durkon. Yukyuk, the latest in the proud tradition of Linear Guild kobolds, sneak attacks V. Blackwing charges Zz'dtri, only for Z to reveal his own familiar... Qarr. 04 May 2011
791 Don't Get MAD The Roy-Thog duel continues. Roy tries to come up with a way to use his superior Int in the fight, but in the meantime, Thog remains perfectly content to rely on Str. 11 May 2011
792 Animal Instincts Blackwing deduces that Qarr's true masters are the archfiends, Zz'dtri still has level-relevant spell resistance, and fan favorite Mr. Scruffy is cravenly shot by Yukyuk. 24 May 2011
793 Critical Thinking A shapeshifted Sabine ambushes Elan and delivers him to Nale. Nale's gloating is interrupted by Elan again managing to use "willful ignorance" as a form of attack. 28 May 2011
794 We Recommend Tsukiko Elan uses one of his rarely-seen class features to escape: seducing female bad guys. 8 June 2011
795 Back to the Action Zz'dtri has apparently cheesed out his spell resistance to munchkin levels, the better to act as V's nemesis. Thog hates his tusk being broken even more than Roy hates his sword being broken. 10 July 2011
796 Smash Thog hulks out and goes beast mode on Roy, incapacitating Roy. 14 July 2011
797 Bird Brained Qarr makes Blackwing an offer: the raven may sacrifice his own life in exchange for Qarr pledging to protect V from being killed by the Linear Guild. Blackwing makes the basic deduction that Qarr's real goal is removing Blackwing's influence on V's conscience. 18 July 2011
798 Change of Plans Roy sends Belkar to battle the Linear Guild while Roy continues to fight Thog (with a little help from Ian) 25 July 2011
799 In the Bag Zz'dtri continues to prove Vaarsuvius' every action futile. Yukyuk locates Haley's dropped Bag of Holding. Vaarsuvius approaches the Kobold with a plan in mind. 1 August 2011
800 Right Tool for the Job V uses a Dominated Yukyuk to hit Zz'dtri with a double crossbow sneak attack. As Z flees, Yukyuk continues to pepper Z with arrows while V explains his realization that if Z hyper-specialized to fight V, Z must have left himself open to other forms of attack. 7 August 2011
801 Bound to Happen As Nale and Elan duel, Nale lets slip that he somehow knows that the OotS was "hundreds of miles away in the middle of the desert" a week ago. Captain Amun-Zora is released from prison and seeks revenge on Elan, but unknowingly attacks identical twin Nale instead. 16 August 2011
802 Took a Level in Sauceror As Yukyuk is about to finish off Z, the drow taunts V by claiming the kobold did all the work. V controls his temper and lets Yukyuk set up for the final shot -- just as Z uses the last of his energy to Plane Shift V and Yukyuk to the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing (complete with herbs and bacon bits). 22 August 2011
803 Saved by the Belt Blackwing retrieves the Belt of Giant Strength and drops it on a deeply imperiled member of the Order: Mr. Scruffy. Meanwhile, Roy is getting the upper hand over Thog -- until super-strong Mr. Scruffy knocks Sir Scraggly through a wall and into the arena, re-triggering Thog's rage. 29 August 2011
804 Where Her Loyalties Lie As the Linear Guild's attack on the Order goes further and further off the rails, an argument between Sabine and Qarr suggests that Sabine is likely more loyal to Nale than she is to the fiendish Directors. 31 August 2011
805 Dropping In Nale and Sabine corner Elan. As Nale begins to monologue, an oddly angry Sabine berserk-rushes Elan with intent to kill right then and there. Shrunken-and-petrified Haley drops out of Elan's pocket during the struggle, enlarging to normal size during the fall and landing right in front of Durkon -- and on top of the conveniently placed Mr. Jones and Mr. Rodriguez, subbing in for the Flumphs. 15 September 2011
806 Holy Enunciation Durkon Holy Smites Sabine and Heals Elan. In response, Nale hits Durkon with a Wand of Enervation, draining some of Durkon's high-level spells. D decides this is the perfect moment to test out his newly researched Mass Death Ward spell -- but it fizzles due to Thor and his angels not being able to understand D's accent, although a Masked Debt Gourd may be sent as a consolation prize. 19 September 2011


Wild Empathy

Belkar finds Mr. Scruffy and gives the cat a saucerful of healing potion. As the psychopathic halfling tends to the cat's needs, Belkar worries that Mr. Scruffy is actually making him a more sensitive person.

21 September 2011


Five Rows Down, Three Columns Over

Thog crushes Roy through the floor of the seating area down into the first floor of the arena. From his new vantage point, Roy notices the guards carrying Zz'dtri away and realizes that the gladiatorial duel no longer needs to be prolonged. Roy taunts Thog into smashing Roy's head (ouch) into three successive pillars, at which point Thog's rage wears off -- so Roy kicks Thog into a fourth support pillar, collapsing the massive ceiling onto Thog. Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) FTW.

04 October 2011

809 Except Maybe the Undead

Roy, Belkar, and Blackwing meet up, exchange status updates, and decide to rescue Ian and Geoff and head over to the palace. Just then, Tarquin arrives on the scene with a squad of guards -- and with congratulations to Roy on a "totally badass" fight.

10 October 2011

810 The Kind That Makes Friends Easily

Nale and Sabine both evade Durkon's blast of Thor's Lightning. Nale zaps D again with the Wand of Enervation while Sabine grapples the dwarf to prevent casting. Durkon's response, oddly, is a smile. Nale debates whether to give the dwarf the satisfaction of asking why but finally gives in, just as he hears the sound of a shocked Malack dropping the morning teaware behind him.

17 October 2011

811 A Touch of Death

Malack smacks down Nale with a Harm spell to the face, but near-death Nale manages to dodge the lizardfolk's follow-up quickened spell attack and Dimension Doors away before either Elan or Malack can stop him.

19 October 2011

812 And Yet, the Canned Meat Merchant Still Gets Through

The palace guards get sent out searching for Nale, Durkon cordially thanks Malack for the timely save, and we learn that Tarquin's soldiers use captchas and cryptographically strong passwords as anti-shapeshifter countermeasures.

24 October 2011

813 Pardon Me

Tarquin wants to hire Roy as a special operative; when Roy is reluctant, Tarquin throws in amnesty for Roy and Belkar's "crimes" just for hearing out the job offer. Lawful Good Roy negotiates amnesty for Ian and Geoff as well, stating that he gave the two men his word that he would free them, and Lawful Evil Tarquin grudgingly agrees.

4 November 2011

814 The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Tarquin, Roy, etc. head back to town on the Brontosaurus Express. Newly-released Ian can't restrain his rebellious temper upon confronting Tarquin, which triggers the warlord into remembering having seen Ian before. As Tarquin requests the relevant prison records from Kilkil, "bumbling sidekick" Belkar pratfalls into the kobold, knocking the papers overboard.

11 November 2011

815 Close Call

Ian and Geoff take advantage of the momentary confusion to Batman away into the desert. Durkon de-petrifies Haley just as Tarquin and Roy walk up and comment on Nale's recent attack. Roy and Haley verbally team up to suggest that Nale is also in search of Girard, prompting Tarquin to start spilling the beans... only to be interrupted by Elan reminding him to take a dramatic end-of-comic pause first.

15 November 2011

816 General Knowledge

Tarquin reveals the secret lore of... ORRIN Draketooth, who fathered a daughter with Tarquin's ninth wife Penelope 15 years ago, before Penelope met Tarquin. Orrin disappeared with the daughter, never to be found. Haley conjectures that Orrin is Girard's son or grandson, sent out to bring new blood into the family, and the Order learns that Penelope had recently traced Draketooth to Windy Canyon -- just before she died from mysterious (and probably Nale-related) circumstances. The race is on!

21 November 2011

817 General Assistance

Concerned for Elan's safety, Tarquin assigns Roy and Belkar to be the bard's new bodyguards. The General also gives the party an only mildly-evilly-sourced flying carpet to help speed them along their way.

01 December 2011

818 Also, the Desert is Dry

Malack wishes Durkon a pleasant goodbye and requests that Elan bring back Nale's skull for use as a tasteful study decoration. The party assumes that V will contact them via Sending tomorrow from the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing. Elan has a conflicted parting with his father, then as the Order flies off, Malack and Tarquin reveal that they have the basic intelligence to realize the members of the party are all working together.

05 December 2011

819 Parental Insight

Tarquin says that doing his part to get the Order reunited can only help his own purposes, even if he doesn't yet know why the Order bothered with all the deception. He further elaborates to Malack that he knows that Nale has not yet even left the palace -- perhaps because of Nale's caution driving him to look for more allies, perhaps because of Nale's egomania driving him to hear how he's being talked about, or perhaps because of Tarquin's last birthday present, a Ring of True Seeing.

09 December 2011

820 Son Catcher

Nale tries another Dimension Door escape, but Tarquin easily disrupts it with a casually tossed knife. Malack's attempted revenge is interrupted once more, this time by Nale pleading for his life with information. Tarquin beats Nale partway to the punch by guessing that Nale's info is related to Draketooth and Windy Canyon and is of such critical importance that both Nale and Elan would drop everything to find it -- making the secret more than worth Tarquin's while to learn. Trapped, Nale begins to spill the beans about the Gates.

12 December 2011

821 Raiders of the Lost Plot Arc

Tarquin and Nale each think the other one killed Penelope to keep her information from spreading, setting up an unresolved mystery. Nale manages to stay alive by leveraging his connections to (presumably) Xykon and Redcloak, who know the Snarl-controlling ritual. Tarquin explains (again with the help of the dimmer switch) that there's no rush to get to Windy Canyon, since the antagonists' role is to saunter in "at the last minute" after the protagonists have expended their energies getting there.

14 December 2011

822 Line Quality

We learn that the flying carpet Tarquin loaned the Order has a tracking device rune on its underside. Tarquin re-assembles the Linear Guild by adding himself (as the fighter) and Malack (as the divine caster) to Nale, Sabine, and Zz'dtri, although the warlord is forced to assure Sabine that he won't take over and to tell Malack to fall in line for the sake of "business" and the greater evil. But the Guild roster still seems incomplete somehow... until Kilkil flies in to deliver Ian's prisoner file.

20 December 2011

823 Yes, It Is

After a search montage of the anachronistic sewage treatment plant, the ocean, and the obligatory sewer-themed labyrinth (featuring a semi-obligatory otyugh), the goblins find Xykon's phylactery. Of note: the rift above Azure City/Gobbotopia has expanded to huge proportions.

30 December 2011

824 Losers Weepers

As the goblins discuss what could be so important about the "doodad" they just found, the Resistance ambushes them, kills off the entire goblin group, and takes the phylactery.

04 January 2012

825 Good Thing He's Already Partial to Red

Thanh congratulates the elvish commander on the quick results of his plan to polymorph an elf into the shape of a hobgoblin to spy on the bad guys. Just as the two leaders confirm plans to teleport the phylactery back to the Elven Lands, they arrive back at the base to discover that Redcloak, an osmium elemental, and several summoned fiends have wiped out the entirety of the remaining Resistance.

06 January 2012

826 Minimal Resistance

Redcloak spplrtches two of the three remaining elves into dense bloody paste thanks to his newly-gained 9th-level Implosion spell. Thanh tells the Resistance paladin with the phylactery to run and hide, since the phylactery can't be detected with magic -- but the goblins have a polymorphed spy of their own in the shape of a human who leads the paladin straight into a demon-trapped tunnel and reclaims the phylactery.

10 January 2012

827 Crushed

Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, Thanh orders Niu to take a scroll of Sending, run far away, and contact Hinjo to update him on recent events. Thanh kills the polymorphed goblin spy but is grabbed by the osmium elemental. He tries taunting Redcloak into facing him one on one with a reminder of O-Chul taking the goblin's eye, but Redcloak replies that O-Chul taught him to avoid "stupid risks," orders the elemental to crush Thanh to death, Earthquakes the Resistance base, and Word of Recalls out with a cryptic comment that the details need to remain secret.

13 January 2012

828 A Study in Viridian As Redcloak returns to his study with the phylactery, he encounters Tsukiko, her Wights, and a dead hobgoblin. As he prepares a spell while coming in, he demands Tsukiko to leave. Tsukiko threatens to slaughter hobgoblins, so Redcloak lets her stay. Tsukiko says that she's looking for something that Redcloak is hiding. 19 January 2012
829 Ritual Behavior Tsukiko tells Redcloak that she's been working on the ritual for controlling the Snarl, and she's looking for the other half of it. Redcloak tells her that he memorized the other half, and it's never been commited to paper. Tsukiko then surprises Redcloak by telling him that she realizes that the Snarl isn't intended to control the Snarl, but to move it. 21 January 2012
830 Tidying Up Redcloak confirms that the ritual is intended to move the Snarl, rather than control it as Xykon believes. Upon learning the truth, Tsukiko tells Redcloak that she's going to use it to report him, only for Redcloak to use her own Wights to sieze her. Confused at first why her Wights are disobeying her, Redcloak has them remove her ring to prevent draining. While being drained by the Wights, Redcloak explains that Tsukiko is too big of a liability to let live, and foolish for spilling out her plans instead of acting upon them. Redcloak also tells her that her main mistake was treating the undead as humans, and they are essentially tools. He casted Command Undead upon entering the room, keeping Tsukiko's own Wights under his control. He says that he's been doing the same with Xykon, subtlely keeping him in his hand. Tsukiko is eventually drained to death, and Redcloak has the Wights consume her and themselves, with the last one alive burnt in the fireplace. 23 January 2012
831 Two of a Kind Beats King High Leaving the room, Redcloak checks the dead hobgoblin, revealing him to be a metalsmith. He takes a phylactery identical to Xykon's, and switches them around. Upon disintegrating the corpse to hide the evidence, he enters the room to find the Monster and the Demon-Roaches, who are commenting on Xykon's (wrathful) return. Angry over his phylactery being lost, Xykon is seen strangling Jirix as Redcloak walks in. 25 January 2012
832 Loose Ends (832) Redcloak saves Jirix by giving Xykon the (fake) phylactery. Pointing to all signs of the Resistance's destruction, Redcloak pleases Xykon to the point where they can continue onward with their adventure for Girard's Gate. Redcloak agrees to leave Jirix in charge of the city. Xykon tells Redcloak that he still won't let him regenerate his eye, which Redcloak accepts. When Xykon inquires the whereabouts of Tsukiko, Redcloak non-chalantly admits to brutally murduring her. 30 January 2012
833 Villainy Afoot Redcloak convinces the rest of the team that Tsukiko was using the ritulal to force Xykon to love her. The only person who is upset about Tsukiko's death is the Monster, who comments that she just wanted to be loved. Redcloak, the Monster, and Xykon set out for Windy Canyon. Before going though, Xykon sets out to hide the (fake) phylactery in a fortress he had been working on in the Astral Plane, a location that the Monster's oddly familiar with. They leave Jirix in charge of the city. Upon their departure, Jirix takes an oppurtunity to brutally squish one of the Demon-Roaches. 06 February 2012
834 A Seasoned Woodsman The Order finally arrived in the Windy Canyon, although only Roy, Haley, and Elan are together. Roy sent Durkon searching for Vaarsuvius in the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing. Elan is concerned about Nale's plan with Girard's Gate, but Roy sends him back into the cave. Roy also reveals to Haley that he sent Belkar along to help with the search. Haley questions this, due to Belkar's horrible tracking skills, but Roy says Belkar has other skills that are useful. Meanwhile, Belkar determines V's location by tasting the ranch to locate him/her. 13 February 2012
835 A Dish Best Served Warm, After All Vaarsuvius is finally retrieved from the Ranch Dressing Dimension, having had his own adventure there. They bring the mesmerised Yuk-Yuk with, and Belkar notices Mr. Scruffy's hostility torwards the kobold. V reveals that Yuk-Yuk was the one who shot Mr. Scruffy, so Belkar decides to take revenge on him by using Yuk-Yuk as Mr. Scruffy's own personal litter box while he's still alive, much to Durkon's disgust, V's indifference, and Belkar's glee. 14 February 2012
836 Best Laid Plans As Roy and Elan wait for Durkon and Belkar to return with V from the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing, Elan ponders how he can thwart his father's plans, when these plans aim to help Elan and the Order of the Stick.  Elan is struck by inspiration, but will not reveal his idea due to his bardic understanding of narrative devices. 15 February 2012
837 The Name of the Windy ... 16 February 2012
838 Either Way, Really ... 18 February 2012
839 Finding Something ... 19 February 2012
840 Thief's Tool ... 21 February 2012
841 Lunchtime ... 24 February 2012
842 All in the Family (842) ... note: Comic 648 was also named All in the Family. 28 February 2012
843 Lack of Foresight ... 05 March 2012
844 Case In Point ... 09 March 2012
845 The Last Laugh ... 15 March 2012
846 No Bone Unturned ... 22 March 2012
847 Dropping the Ball ... 30 March 2012
848 Acid Redux ... 06 April 2012
849 Suspicious Agreement ... 13 April 2012
850 not-thog ... 21 April 2012
851 Passive Voice ... 01 May 2012
852 Under the Helmet ... 07 May 2012
853 The Dangers of Progress ... 18 May 2012
854 Not Much Chance of That ... 26 May 2012
855 And They Got Extra Credit For It, Too ... 11 June 2012
856 I Guess You Had to Be There ... 21 June 2012
857 The Pit of Despair ... 25 June 2012
858 Actually, She Did ... 17 July 2012
859 Smoked ... 26 July 2012
860 Wasn't Going to Listen to Orders Anyway The effects of Durkon's "Holy Word" spell are seen, with all but two members of the Linear Guild in bad shape ("deafened or worse"). 09 August 2012
861 You Should've Seen What They Did to His Pelvis The current fate of Malack, split from the group, is seen. The Order of the Stick squares off against the Linear Guild, with Roy Greenhilt having destroyed all seen zombie forces. 27 Aug 2012
862 Pop Goes Pop Belkar and Nale face off, as Nale attempts to retreat but finds his spells fizzled. Tarquin rescues him at the last moment before Belkar can deliver a killing blow, and beckons T'zzird, in sign language, to teleport them to safety. 30 Aug 2012
863 Looking for Regroup The Linear Guild is seen in relative safety outside the pyramid within the dessert, and Tarquin reveals a healing salve he uses to restore the sorry shape of the party. 12 Sept. 2012
864 Bet It Would Get Funded on Kickstarter Elan recounts a forth-wall breaking "recap comic" that summarizes the comics to that point. The first comic to appear after Rich Berlew injured his thumb by flying glass, which is parodied within the strip. 31 Dec 2012
865 Getting Defensive The Order of the Stick discuss their plans and the loss of V, with Durkon hoping to summon a gaggle of celestials once they find the gate. The final panel shows the state of Hinjo and the Sapphire Guard, with an ominous warning (unbeknownst to the order) that Xykon is on the move. 07 Jan 2013
866 Complex Math The fate of V is seen, with him/her ruminating the murder of Girad and his followers to his/her Raven familiar. 17 Jan 2013
867 The First Title Also Still Applies The Order of the Stick find a heavily warded door, and Haley sets to disarm the runes. One is set off by accident, summoning a Hell Hound. Belkar is drawn off into battle with the hound, split from the party. 30 Jan 2013
868 Unleash the Fury 7 Feb 2013
869 Lesson Fail 12 Feb 2013
870 Death in the Family 18 Feb 2013
871 Just a Couple of Blooddrinkers 25 Feb 2013
872 Concession Stand 26 Feb 2013
873 Spell Check 27 Feb 2013
874 Allies Like This 28 Feb 2013
875 Calm, Orderly, and Efficient 1 Mar 2013
876 Ensnared 2 Mar 2013
877 The Bright Side (877) 3 Mar 2013
878 Little Brother 4 Mar 2013
879 Running on Empty (879) 6 Mar 2013
880 Getting the Message 13 Mar 2013
881 Temporary Weakness 22 Mar 2013
882 It's a Boy! 30 Mar 2013
883 Fiend Swap 9 Apr 2013
884 Credits and Deductions 16 Apr 2013
885 Silence is Golden (Or At Least Electrum) 29 Apr 2013
886 Victory Comes From Within 5 May 2013
887 Happy Ending 13 May 2013
888 Dream Wedding 17 May 2013
889 Get Real 20 May 2013
890 Dream Free 25 May 2013
891 This One's Not Even Realistic 30 May 2013
892 Walled In 10 June 2013
893 Closing In 11 June 2013
894 The Last Room 17 June 2013
895 Plain Sight 21 June 2013
896 Two Paths 28 June 2013
897 Headed Downtown 2 July 2013
898 Let's Get Ready to Rumble 9 July 2013
899 Prophecy Fulfilled Xykon and crew teleport to the pyramid, just as it explodes. 11 July 2013
900 Hole in the Middle The aftermath of Girard's pyramid explosion. 14 July 2013
901 Friend of a Friend 17 July 2013
902 Mr. Sandman, Give Me a Scream 19 July 2013
903 Carefully Couched 22 July 2013
904 Live by the Technicality... 24 July 2013
905 Blow the Lid Off 27 July 2013
906 Nothing Lasts Forever Nale kills Malack by having Zz'dtri remove his Protection From Daylight spell. 28 July 2013
907 Always Hiring 2 August 2013
908 Reverse Polarity Durkon kills Zz'dtri by snapping his neck. 5 August 2013
909 Shifting Sands 8 August 2013
910 Marching On 12 August 2013
911 Operation Desert Inform 17 August 2013
912 Working Together 19 August 2013
913 Independent Tarquin kills Nale for killing Malack. 20 August 2013
914 Last in the Coffin 26 August 2013
915 Custom Framing While You Wait 29 August 2013
916 Executive Order 3 September 2013
917 Hold On 5 September 2013
918 These Last Few Are All from the Same Sender 11 September 2013
919 I Went Down, Down, Down 17 September 2013
920 No Running, No Hiding 20 September 2013
921 Shot Down 25 September 2013
922 Payback 1 October 2013
923 Breakthrough 9 October 2013
924 Resource Management 14 October 2013
925 Catching Up with Family 21 October 2013
926 Through the Wormhole(s) 22 October 2013
927 Can't Help Himself 29 October 2013
928 Go 4 November 2013
929 Through Tarquin and Laurin disable almost the entire Order. 11 November 2013
930 Overshadowed Everything seems lost for The Order, but an unexpected shadow brings a new light to a somber fight. An old acquaintance of both Elan and Tarquin makes a great entrance. 13 November 2013
931 My Two Dads Julio Scoundrél and Tarquin start fighting, while Elan explains why he called for Julio. 18 November 2013
932 His Number One Fan The Order retreats to Julio Scoundrél's airship, while he distracts Tarquin. 20 November 2013
933 Getting a Little Carried Away The fight between Julio Scoundrél and Tarquin goes on, but the general asks for reinforcements. Elan prepares a last minute rescue for him. 29 November 2013
934 All Hands on Deck The Order is finally ready to leave in the airship, but Tarquin and company gives chase. 7 December 2013
935 Caster Fight The Fight between V and Laurin takes an unexpected turn, thanks to some unforeseen advice. 19 December 2013
936 End of the Line With Haley's help, Tarquin meets a terrible ending. 4 January 2014
937 Travel Time The Order regroups on the Mechane and asks Julio Scoundrél for his help to get to the last gate. 12 January 2014
938 This is Not a Thing That is Going to Happen Haley asks Roy to take an unexpected detour before continuing their quest and Elan reflects on the way of how he has lived his life until now. 14 January 2014
939 Donation Drive Belkar questions Roy's decision about Keeping Durkon around them in his current condition. The Order members offer their help to Durkon. 17 January 2014
940 Resisting a Rest Ian refuses to join Haley's party, but he gets an even more interesting offer. 22 January 2014
941 Relatively OK Ian shares some parting words with Haley about his chosen path. Elan presents him with a parting gift that makes him look better on Ian's eyes. 24 January 2014
942 But He Probably Has a Halberd Now Ian discovers a traitor in his team, but he has very good reasons. 28 January 2014
943 Everyone Hates Goodbye Scenes Elan reads a letter from Julio that encourages him to follow his trip. 5 February 2014
944 All of the Above, Actually V opens up with Roy about what he should do about his feelings about using the 'Familicide' spell. 10 February 2014
945 Jumbled Up An unexpected guest arrives at the desert gate. 15 February 2014
946 It's What's Inside That Counts The OotS make preparations to get to the last gate. Roy gives a somewhat inspiring speech. Durkon is more than meets the eye. 18 February 2014

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