Several features in The Order of the Stick do not exist in any Dungeons and Dragons rulebook, but were created for a gag or as a unique plot device in the story. They are listed below.

Spells Edit

Magic Items Edit

Prestige Classes Edit

Class Abilities Edit

  • Summon Conscience
  • "Like that Monk class ability that lets you jump as far as you want, only with her it applies to conclusions"

Feats Edit

Skills Edit

  • Reverse Psychology[15]
  • Ride (My Ass)
  • Perform (Kazoo)
  • Knowledge (Limits of my Own Sanity)
  • Knowledge (What the Hell You're Talking About)
  • Banter
  • Craft (Shiv)
  • Ignorance[16]
  • Perform (jig)[17]


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