Lirian's Gate
Area Elven Lands

Lirian's Gate, located within Lirian's Glade,[1] was one of the five gates that held the Snarl trapped. It was built by Lirian[2] in the Elven Lands with the help of the forest creatures. It was targeted by Xykon in 1156 in an attempt to harness the power of the Snarl for his own designs.

Xykon was defeated and stripped of his spellcasting ability, but was able to regain it when he decided to become a lich with the help of Redcloak. While confronting Lirian once again, Redcloak attacked the treants defending the gate with the Flame Strike spell. The fire spread rapidly, and the panicking treants accidentally destroyed the gate (something Xykon has held against Redcloak for years). Redcloak and Right-Eye reluctantly followed Xykon in his quest to find the other Gates.

A divination spell that monitored Lirian's Gate alerted Shojo to its destruction, so he sent out his paladins to investigate. Having no ranks in Search, however, they find nothing, overlooking goblin tracks and a piece of red cloak.[3]


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