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My parents were fishermen. When I was a little girl, I stood right here and learned how to clean the fish they had caught. I'm telling you this so that you know...when I say that if you take one more step, I will gut you like the Catch of the Day—it is NOT hyperbole!
  — Lien (Comic 473)  

Lien is a paladin, and one of the three known surviving members of The Sapphire Guard. Her parents were fishermen. Her holy paladin mount is the shark Razor.


War and XPsEdit

Lien was present at Hinjo's inauguration and later assigned alongside O-Chul to transport Miko to her prison cell.

Before the Battle of Azure City, she was placed in charge of the evacuation, partially because her paladin mount (a shark named Razor) would be useful in defending the docks.

She protected Hinjo's junk from hordes of hobgoblins while Captain Axe refused to sail away without him. When Hinjo did arrive, he ordered them to wait for Haley and Belkar with Roy's body. More hordes of hobgoblins came led by Redcloak who summoned a fiendish octopus. Lien with Hinjo and Durkon held the monsters at bay long enough for Vaarsuvius to arrive, though they could not wait for Haley and Belkar.

Don't Split the PartyEdit

Lien accompanied the Azure City fleet in exile, helping to protect the civilians against the various and improbably common random encounters that plagued the Azurites.

On Orc Island, she accompanied Elan, Durkon and Daigo. When Elan presented to the Orcs Banjo, they attacked the explorers claiming that Elan was not worthy of holding the god. They managed to escape, except Lien, who was captured by the orc tribe when she was unwilling to flee. The remnants of the Order of the Stick decided to rescue her, except Vaarsuvius whose first priority was finding Haley. Lien was intended to be sacrificed to Banjo, even though she was not a virgin. The Orcs said "banjo like girl with some experience.", causing Lien to angrily wonder why her mother has been proved right again.

She was saved only by the intervention of Therkla (who was trying to save Elan by impersonating his god).

With the resurrection of Roy and the reunion of the Order of the Stick, Lien and O-Chul were sent by Hinjo to scout out Kraagor's Gate. They traveled riding on Razor.

Blood Runs in the FamilyEdit


O-Chuls and Liens brief appearance in Blood Runs in the Family.

Lien was briefly shown on a tiny island in the sea, unable to sleep due to the rain, while O-Chul slept peacefully.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Lien and O-Chul eventually arrived at Kraagor's Gate. She was able to escape the yrthak Lancer by tricking him into using his sonic blast on thin ice, then deceiving Oona into thinking that she and O-Chul were dead. They shared the use of her ring of water breathing to stay under the water until the bugbear left. She and O-Chul are currently staking out the entrance to Kraagor's Tomb, observing the movements of Team Evil.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lien describes herself as an optimist; she always expects the worst and so is usually pleasantly surprised. She is not an uptight do-gooder like some paladins, having a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the comforts of home. She enjoys a close and trusted relationship with O-Chul.

Lien keeps her hair short to facilitate action under water.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Underwater Paladin: Lien has all the normal paladin abilities, but is optimized for adventuring under water. She has a weapon focus in longspear and her paladin mount is a giant shark. She has lived her life in and around the water.
  • Lien is the second-most powerful remaining paladin, after O-Chul. She is higher level than Hinjo.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Longspear: Lien's primary weapon is a longspear, a weapon which is effective both above and below the surface of the water
  • Ring of Waterbreathing: This ring allows her to breath under water, as well as protects her from the icy cold of the deeps
  • Magic boots
  • Cloak and Armor: Lien wears the standard kit of the Sapphire Guard
  • Crossbow: Lien utilizes this crossbow during her and O-Chuls battle with Oona.


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